Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: W-X-Y-Z

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Note: All the various spellings of the name Ouellette -- Willett, Willet, Willot -- are listed together and integrated in order of first name.

Wade, Ellen
Wade, Loring
Wade, Loring
Wade, Mira
Wade, Sarah
Waite, Almond
Waite, E.W.
Waite, Henry
Waite, Mary
Waite, Sarah
Waite, Stephen
Walker, Calvin
Walker, Constant
Walker, Dudley F.
Walker, Esther
Walker, Hannah
Walker, Harrison
Walker, Hartley
Walker, Hazen
Walker, Jos.
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Joseph, Jr.
Walker, Layfaette
Walker, Levi
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mary J.
Walker, Melvina
Walker, Sarah
Wallett, Paulette
Walton, Alexander
Walton, Alvira
Walton, Charles
Walton, Charlotte
Walton, Elizabeth
Walton, Henry
Walton, James
Walton, Lydia
Walton, Thomas
Walton, William
Ward, Albert
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Francis Jane
Ward, Mary
Ward, Thomas
Ward, William
Wark, David
Wark, Mary Jane
Wark, Rachael
Wark, Rachael
Wark, Samuel
Warren, Edward
Warson, James
Warwick, W'm
Watson, Amos
Watson, Eliphalet
Watson, Eliza
Watson, Martha
Watson, Martha C.
Weaver, Abigail
Weaver, Andrew
Weaver, Anna
Weaver, Eben'r
Weaver, Eliza
Weaver, Emely
Weaver, Francis
Weaver, Isaac
Weaver, James S.
Weaver, Jerushia
Weaver, John
Weaver, John E.
Weaver, Laticia
Weaver, Lavinia
Weaver, Mary A.
Weaver, Nath'l
Weaver, Sarah
Weaver, Simeon
Weaver, Susan
Webb, Martha
Webb, Nelson
Webb, Susan
Webb, W'm H.
Webber, Angelie
Webber, Eban
Webber, Edward
Webber, Elizabeth
Webber, Fearmiah
Webber, John B.
Webber, John B.
Webber, Joseph
Webber, Joseph, Jr.
Webber, Lawrence
Webber, Louisa
Webber, Philip
Webber, Phillip
Webber, Sally
Weeks, Benny
Weeks, Bertha
Weeks, Jacob
Weeks, Mary
Weeks, Parker E.
Welch, Calvin
Welch, George
Welch, James
Welch, John
Welch, Mary Ann
Welch, Peter
Wellington, Abbrem
Wellington, Almira
Welts, Elizabeth
Welts, John
Welts, Leander
Welts, Otho
Wessenger, Abby F.
Wessenger, Caroline
Wessenger, Enoc
Wessenger, Hannah M.
Wessenger, John
Wessenger, Mary
Wessenger, Mary M.
Wessenger, Ruth E.
West, Annah
West, Dan'l R.
West, Emeline
West, Geo.
West, Geo. W.
West, Hannah
West, Henry N.
West, Judah
Weston, Almira
Weston, David
Weston, Howard
Weston, W'm
Wetherby, Chs.
Wheeler, Arvida
Wheelock, Jesse
Wheelock, Jesse B.
Wheelock, Martha
Wheelock, Sophrona
Whelekneck, James
Whelekneck, Jane
Whelekneck, John
Whelekneck, Mary
Whelekneck, Victoria
Whitaker, George
Whitaker, Isaac
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, Margaret
Whitaker, Mary
Whitaker, Mary Jane
Whitaker, Matilda
Whitaker, Robert
Whitaker, Robert
Whitaker, Thomas
Whitaker, Thomas
Whitcomb, Albert A.
Whitcomb, Emmons
Whitcomb, Emons A.
Whitcomb, George
Whitcomb, Harriet N.
Whitcomb, Harriett
Whitcomb, Juliah
Whitcomb, Lydia
White, Bridget
White, Cha's
White, Gorge
White, Mathew
White, William
White, William
Whitmore, Catherine
Whitmore, Climina
Whitmore, Daniel, Jr.
Whitmore, Hannah
Whitmore, Joseph
Whitney, Albion P.
Whitney, Benjamin T.
Whitney, Dianna
Whitney, E.P.
Whitney, Fanny
Whitney, Franklin
Whitney, George
Whitney, Julia A.
Whitney, Mary
Whitney, Olive
Whitney, Oscar
Whitney, Sumner
Whitney, Susan
Whitney, W'm
Whitney, Warren
Whitney, William
Wilder, Amy M.
Wilder, Benjamin C.
Wilder, Caroline
Wilder, Catherine
Wilder, Cha's
Wilder, Elz'th
Wilder, Emma J.
Wilder, Hannah
Wilder, Hannah
Wilder, Isaac
Wilder, Lavinda J.
Wilder, Mahitable L.
Wilder, Rob't
Wilder, Rob't W.
Wilder, Sarah
Wilder, Sarah H.
Wilen, Isabellee
Willet (All spellings of Ouellette -- Willet, Willett, Willot -- are grouped together)
Willet, Alexander
Willet, Alice
Willett, Amat
Willet, Armeda
Willet, Aslec
Willett, Belle
Willet, Belony
Willet, Benjamin
Willet, Benjamin
Willet, Benjamin
Willet, Bremo
Willet, Caroline
Willet, Christie
Willet, Christie
Willett, Christy
Willet, Clorace
Willet, Cresoline
Willett, David
Willet, Edward
Willet, Edward
Willet, Edward
Willet, Edward
Willet, Elenor
Willet, Elisa
Willett, Elizabeth
Willet, Ely
Willett, Esther
Willet, Eugene
Willet, Euphazen
Willet, Filon
Willet, Flera
Willet, Fleve
Willet, Francis
Willet, George
Willett, George H.
Willet, Israel
Willot, John
Willet, John B.
Willett, John B
Willett, John B.
Willett, John B.
Willett, John B.
Willet, Joseph
Willet, Joseph
Willet, Joseph
Willet, Joseph
Willet, Joseph
Willett, Josephine
Willet, Landon
Willet, Laura
Willet, Leander
Willet, Leno
Willet, Lozatis
Willet, Lucud
Willet, Mamet
Willot, Marble
Willet, Marcella
Willet, Mary
Willet, Mary
Willet, Mary
Willett, Mary
Willett, Mary
Willet, Mary Ann
Willet, Matede
Willet, Merbert
Willet, Octan
Willet, Olive
Willet, Oliver
Willett, Peter
Willet, Philomen
Willet, Philomen
Willet, Philomen
Willet, Plased
Willet, Presel
Willet, Relinda
Willet, Romer
Willett, Sadem
Willet, Sarah
Willot, Savia
Willot, Simmea
Willet, Sophia
Willet, Sophia
Willet, Sophia
Willet, Stausey
Willet, Susan
Willet, Swasey
Willet, Taddy
Willett, Talley
Willet, Tedda
Willet, Telle
Willet, Thomist
Willet, Vetal
Willet, Virginia
Willet, William
Willet, William
Willett, Zazee
Willett, Zeta
Wilson, A.J.
Wilson, Almira
Wilson, Ann
Wilson, Caroline M.
Wilson, Charles H.
Wilson, Elnor J.
Wilson, George W.
Wilson, Gowen
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jonathan
Wilson, Joseph E.
Wilson, Leonard W.
Wilson, Lydia
Wilson, Mary A.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Sarah
Winchel, Eliza
Winchel, Jerome
Winchel, Margaret
Winchel, Melissa A.
Winchel, Sarah W.
Winchel, Sarah W.
Winchel, W'm
Winchel, W'm, Jr.
Windship, Ephram
Winslow, Cha's W.
Winslow, Gilbert
Winslow, Nathan
Wise, Amos
Wise, Elias
Wise, Geo.
Wise, Israel
Wise, Jos.
Wise, Jos.
Wise, Melinda
Wise, Rebecca
Wood, Rich'd
Woodard, Albert A.
Woodard, Alex
Woodard, Lucretia
Woodard, Lucy W.
Woodard, Martha F.
Woodard, Nancy B.
Woodard, Oscar
Woodard, Sam'l B.
Wright, Amanuel
Wright, Caleb
Wright, Joshua
Wright, Lydia
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sarah A.
Yaglos, Anson G.
Yaglos, Julia
Yaglos, Malissa
Yarrington, Catherine
Yarrington, Delana
Yarrington, Ely
Yarrington, Isaac
Yarrington, Julia A.
Yarrington, Mary
Yarrington, Neoma
Yohn, Edward
Yohn, John
Yohn, Julia
Yohn, Margaret
Yohn, Mary Ann
Yohn, Michael
Yoncon, Jeremiah
Yong, James
York, Annett
York, Daniel B.
York, Freeman
York, Hannah
York, Jysena
York, Susan
Yott, Demuese
Yott, Dennis
Yott, Fearme
Yott, John
Yott, Joseph
Yott, Joseph
Yott, Modest
Yott, Priscilla
Yott, Theadore
Yott, Thomas
Yott, Virginia
Yott, Zonah
Yotte, Mary
Young, Batteus
Young, Benjamin
Young, Charles
Young, Elnor
Young, Elz'th
Young, Hannah
Young, John
Young, John
Young, Maria
Young, Wm.

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