Photos of members of the family of Henri Gagnon

.Philip, Hector & Levite Gagnon
Philip, Hector and Levite Gagnon, sons of Henri Gagnon


Gagnons & Tardifs at Riverside Inn pre-1944
Click on photo for closeup.
(Children of Henri Gagnon in italics)
From left: Philip Gagnon (son of Henri) & his wife Marie Tardif (daughter of Simon); Antoine Tardif (son of Louis & Sophie Bossé); Levite Gagnon (son of Henri) & wife Cecile Beaulieu; Thomas Tardif (son of Simon) & wife Anna Gagnon (daughter of Henri); Émile Tardif (son of Antoine & Marianne Ouellette) & wife Marie Gagnon (daughter of Henri)

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