84. Anna GAGNON was born on 5 May 1897 in Frenchville, Maine. She appeared on the 1900 US census in Frenchville, Maine, as born May 1897 in Maine, age 3, living with parents Henri and Denise. She died on 28 Oct 1970 in Madawaska, Maine. She was buried in Ste-Agathe, Maine.

She was married to Thomas TARDIF on 1 Jul 1916 in Ste-Luce church, Frenchville, Maine.

Thomas TARDIF was born on 15 Jun 1890. He died on 30 May 1946. He was buried in Ste-Agathe, Maine.

Anna GAGNON and Thomas TARDIF had the following children:

childi. Marie-Thérèse TARDIF was born on 21 Dec 1917 in Ste-Agathe, Maine. She died on 12 Dec 1922 in Ste-Agathe, Maine.
child ii. Louis-Phillip TARDIF was born on 10 Mar 1919 in Ste-Agathe, Maine. He died on 23 Dec 1922 in Ste-Agathe, Maine.
child+133 iii. Lucille TARDIF.
child+134 vi. Marie Blanche Prescille TARDIF.
child+135 v. Yvette TARDIF.
child136 vi. Evelyn TARDIF was born on 14 Jun 1926. She died on 16 Jun 1926.
child+137 vii. Esther TARDIF.
child138 viii. Edgar TARDIF was born on 12 Dec 1929 in Ste-Agathe, Maine. He died in an accident on 28 Jun 1947 in Ste-Agathe, Maine, and is buried in Ste-Agathe.
child+139 ix. Rita TARDIF.
child+140 x. Armand (Normand) TARDIF.
child+141 xi. Marie-Ange (Mary Anne) TARDIF.

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