Bénoni Ouellette & Marie Bourguoin

78. Bénoni OUELLETTE was born about 1785. He was married to Marie BOURGUOIN on 18 Nov 1817 in St-André, Kamouraska, Québec.(220)  He and his family moved from Kamouraska to the upper St.John River valley, Madawaska Settlement, about 1828 or 1829.  He appeared as Bellone Ouillette in the 1833 New Brunswick census of the Madawaska Settlement (p.2, line 27), on the right (south) bank of the river, living with his wife, 4 sons and 5 daughters; the family is described as "very poor" and in requiring assistance. He appeared in the 1840 US census in Madawaska south of the St.John (p.100, line 17) as Billand Willet, living with 5 sons and 7 daughters.  He appeared in the 1850 US census as William Willet, age 65, born in Canada, living with wife Mary in household of his son Joseph, along with Joseph's wife and children, and Bénoni and Marie's children.  Bénoni died on 12 Nov 1857.

79. Marie BOURGUOIN was born about 1800. She died on 25 Dec 1856. Children were:

(Information on this family is from the website of Jodi Ouellette, at <http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:2706298&id=I547927402>, and from the marriages of Frenchville by Guimond)

child   i. Joseph Onézime OUELLETTE was born about 1817 in Lower Canada (Québec).  He was married to Clarisse MARQUIS (daughter of Benjamin MARQUIS and Théotiste BOUCHARD) on 8 Apr 1850 at Ste-Luce Church, Frenchville.
child   ii. Geneviève OUELLETTE was born about 1818 in Lower Canada (Québec). She was married to François MICHAUD (son of Jean MICHAUD and Apolline LEVASSEUR) on 11 Oct 1847 at Ste-Luce Church. She died on 26 Dec 1900.
child   iii. Desanges OUELLETTE was born about 1822 in Lower Canada (Québec). She was married to Jean-Baptiste RAYMOND (son of Jean-Baptiste RAYMOND and Marie Anne LÉVESQUE) on 8 Aug 1843 at Ste-Luce Church.  She died on 18 Feb 1892.
child   iv. Adèle OUELLETTE was born about 1824 in Lower Canada (Québec).  She was married to Louis LAMARRE (son of François LAMARRE and Marguerite GAMACHE) on 9 Feb 1847 in Ste-Luce Church. She died on 7 Apr 1897.
child   v. Sophie OUELLETTE was born 24 Jul 1827 in the Madawaska Settlement.  She was married to Joseph PLOURDE  (son of Pierre PLOURDE and Desanges LAGACÉ) on 10 Nov 1846 at Ste-Luce Church.
child   vi. Olivier OUELLETTE was born on 27 Mar 1829 in the Madawaska Settlement.  He was married to Élisabeth MARTIN (daughter of Chrystophe MARTIN and Euphrosine ALBERT) on 18 Oct 1853 at Ste-Luce Church. They appeared in the 1860 US census in Twp.18, R.5 (now Frenchville), as Levi Ouillette, age 30, farmer, and Elizabeth Ouillette, age 25.
child   vii. Délima OUELLETTE was born on 18 Nov 1830 in the Madawaska Settlement.  She was married to Simon MARTIN (son of Christophe MARTIN and Euphrosine ALBERT) on 20 Jul 1852 at Ste-Luce Church.
child   viii. Isadore/Lindor OUELLETTE was born on 27 Nov 1832 in the Madawaska Settlement. He was married to Sophie OUELLETTE (daughter of Alexandre Menon OUELLETTE and Theotiste MICHAUD) on 16 Sep 1856 at Ste-Luce Church.
child 39 ix. Nathalie OUELLETTE.
x. Philomène OUELLETTE was born on 4 Jun 1838.
xi. Bénoni OUELLETTE was born about 1840.
xii. Benjamin OUELLETTE was born on 4 Nov 1843.





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