Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: C

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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NOTE: For the name Cyr, look under "Crock".

Cambene, Cornelius
Cameron, James
Campbell, Caroline
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elizabeth B.
Campbell, Hannah
Campbell, James
Campbell, Joanna
Campbell, Sarah
Cane, Anthony
Cane, Michael
Carbah, Herbert
Carbah, Nercis
Carbah, Susan
Carey, Michael
Carn, W'm
Caron, see Corro
Caron, Fran
Caron, Mary
Carr, Cornelius
Carroll, Catherine
Carson, Augustus
Carson, Ephraim
Carson, Jane
Carson, Robert
Cart, Angeline
Cart, Angellie
Cart, Ann
Cart, John
Cart, John B.
Cart, Philomen
Cart, Remo
Cart, Sophia
Cart, Taddo
Carta, Belony
Carta, Ladel
Carta, Mary
Carta, Pedro
Carta, Sofia
Carta, Sophia
Carter, Albion
Carter, Cha's
Carter, Henry
Carter, Josiah
Carter, Philena
Carter, Rhoda
Carter, W'm
Carter, W'm
Casey, Barbery
Casey, Catherine
Casey, Eliza
Casey, George A.
Casey, James
Casey, Margarett
Casey, Patrick
Casey, Samuel
Casey, William A.
Casey, Woodford
Cass, Bliss
Cass, Emeline
Cass, Hannah E.
Cass, John T.
Cass, Margaret
Cass, Mary
Cass, Mary
Cass, Nancy
Cass, Prissilla
Castonguay, Béloni, as Carta, Belony
Castonguay, "Ladel", as Carta, Ladel
Castonguay, Marie, as Carta, Mary
Castonguay, Prudent, as Carta, Pedro
Castonguay, Sophie, as Carta, Sofia
Castonguay, Sophie, as Carta, Sophia
Chaberlame, Mary
Chaberlame, Petter
Chamberland, George, as Willet, George
Chamberland, Joseph, as Willet, Joseph
Chamberland, Thadée, as Willet, Tedda
Chandler, Adaline
Chandler, Alden
Chandler, Amanda
Chandler, C. C.
Chandler, Charles G.
Chandler, Dan'l, Jr.
Chandler, Daniel
Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Isaac
Chandler, Mary L.
Chandler, Noah
Chandler, Veranus
Charette see also Shaurett
Charette, Angèle, as Cart, Angellie
Charette, Angèle, as Cart, Ann
Charette, Angélique, as Cart, Angeline
Charette, Antoine, as Shaurett, Tuin
Charette, Christine, as Shaurett, Christin
Charette, George, as Shaurett, Geo.
Charette, Jean, as Cart, John
Charette, Jean-Baptiste, as Cart, John B.
Charette, Laurent, as Shaurett, Laurett
Charette, Octave, as Shaurett, Octave
Charette, Philomène, as Cart, Philomen
Charette, Raymond, as Cart, Remo
Charette, Sophie, as Cart, Sophia
Charette, Théodore, as Cart, Taddo
Charette, Théophile, as Shaurett, Tuffole
Charette, Thomas, as Shaurett, Tomano
Chase, Johnathan
Chassé, Alexandre, as Sousee, Alexander
Chassé, Angélique, as Sousee, Abseleck
Chassé, Anne, as Sousee, An
Chassé, Domithilde, as Sousee, Dennela
Chassé, Germain, as Sousee, Lennart
Chassé, Hilaire, as Sousee, Ely
Chassé, Honoré, as Sousee, Narz
Chassé, Laurent, as Sousee, Loran
Chassé, Métaïde, as Sousee, Metade
Chassé, Olivier, as Sousee, Oliver
Chassé, Philias, as Sousee, Felix
Chassé, Rébecca, as Sousee, Rebecca
Chassé, Suzanne, as Sousee, Lazar
Chesiead, Carmnare?
Chesiead, Henry
Chesiead, Talley
Christen(?), Mark
Christie, *****th
Christie, Aron H.
Christie, Caroline
Christie, Duncan C.
Christie, Esther
Christie, Hannah
Christie, Hannah A.
Christie, Hepsipath
Christie, Joshua
Christie, Joshua
Christie, Tho's
Chumbland, Lewis
Churchell, Emily
Churchell, Sarah
Churchell, Thomas
Churchill, Belinda
Churchill, Elz'th
Churchill, Eunice
Churchill, George
Churchill, Jobe
Churchill, John
Churchill, Jos.
Churchill, Nathaniel
Churchill, Nathaniel
Churchill, Prudence
Churchill, Smith
Clark, Allen
Clark, Alonzo
Clark, Augustus
Clark, Calvin A.
Clark, Charles
Clark, David
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Emela
Clark, Ephraim
Clark, Francis
Clark, Henry
Clark, Isaac
Clark, John
Clark, John E.
Clark, Lydia
Clark, Malissa
Clark, Maria
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Meledia
Clark, Moses
Clark, Robert
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Timothy
Clark, W'm
Clark, W'm
Clark, Zebediah
Clavette see Clevette
Clevette, Charles
Clevette, Fellel
Clevette, Judah
Clevette, Lewis
Clevette, Mary
Clevette, Reine
Clevette, Renno
Clevette, Rose
Cloustee, Delana
Cloustee, Dennisine
Cloustee, Frezine
Cloustee, W'm
Cloustee, Zebelan
Cloutman, Andrew G.
Cloutman, Hannah
Cloutman, James
Cloutman, Lydia E.
Cochrane, Albert
Cochrane, Alex
Cochrane, Alexander
Cochrane, Alvin
Cochrane, Ann
Cochrane, David
Cochrane, George
Cochrane, Henry
Cochrane, Herman
Cochrane, James
Cochrane, James
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, Mark
Cochrane, Martha
Cochrane, Matilda
Cochrane, Nancy
Cochrane, Olive
Cochrane, Olive
Cochrane, Rachael
Cochrane, Richard
Cochrane, Sarah
Cochrane, Thomas
Cochrane, William
Coffin, Adams
Coffin, Adams
Coffin, Elbridge
Coffin, Greendall
Coffin, Hannah
Coffin, Lavinia
Coffin, LeRoy
Coffin, Lewis C.
Coffin, Lorin
Coffin, Maryholy
Coffin, Nathan'l
Coffin, Olive
Coffin, Rufus
Coffin, Sophia
Coffin, W'm
Colkins, James
Collins, Cha's P.
Collins, Clarissa
Collins, David

Collins, Dorcus
Collins, Francis
Collins, Henry
Collins, Mary
Collins, Rufus
Collins, Samuel W.
Conant, Benjamin F.
Conant, Isaac
Conant, Joseph A.
Conant, Julia Ann
Conant, Nancy
Conant, Sarah
Conchine, W'm
Conevan, Pridan
Conley, Patrick
Conoll, Malachi
Conrad, Edward
Conrad, Ellen
Conrad, Ellen
Conrad, John
Conrad, Julia
Conrad, Mary
Conrad, Oliver
Cook, Mary
Cooke, ****or B.
Cooke, Annettt B.
Cooke, Cha's
Cooke, David C.
Cooke, Gustavus
Cooke, Henry H.
Cooke, Sidney
Cooke, Winfield S.
Copperthwaite, Dorcas
Copperthwaite, Mary C.
Copperthwaite, Sarah F.
Copperthwaite, W'm
Corbin, Amable, as Curbey, Amab
Corbin, Anastasie, as Curbey, Stausey
Corbin, "Angel", as Curbey, Angel
Corbin, Guillaume, as Curbey, William
Corbin, Hubert, as Carbah, Herbert
Corbin, Lucie, as Curbey, Lucy
Corbin, Narcisse, as Carbah, Nercis
Corbin, Suzanne, as Carbah, Susan
Corbin, Timothé, as Curbey, Mottie
Cormea, Christie
Cormea, Dameu
Cormea, Demein
Cormea, Denise
Cormea, Eleva
Cormea, Elizabeth
Cormea, Emma
Cormea, Feb*n
Cormea, Fetiaa
Cormea, Flevia
Cormea, Flora
Cormea, Florah
Cormea, Francis
Cormea, Henry
Cormea, Herbert
Cormea, Isaac
Cormea, Isamo
Cormea, John B.
Cormea, Lawrence
Cormea, Loc**d
Cormea, Mary
Cormea, Mary
Cormea, Milia
Cormea, Philisate
Cormea, R***
Cormea, Remmo
Cormea, Saloma
Cormea, Severa
Cormea, Sevia
Cormea, Stausee
Cormea, Sufria
Cormea, Thomas
Cormea, Vetal
Cormie, Mary
Cormie, Philomen
Cormie, Virginia
Cormie, Zedo
Cormier, Ja's
Cormier, James, Jr.
Cormier, Margaret
Cormier, Sarah
Cormin, ******e
Cormin, Gregway
Cornea, Eli
Cornea, Lewis
Cornea, Mary
Corno, James
Corno, John B.
Corno, Joseph
Corno, Joseph
Corno, Pasmelia
Corno, Pemelia
Corno, Rose
Corno, Telly
Corno, William
Corno, Zeta
Corro, Artose
Corro, Deoma
Corro, Michael
Corro, Peter
Corro, Philomen
Corro, Stausee
Corro, William
Corso, Ann
Corso, Augustus
Corso, John
Corso, Nancy
Corso, Octave
Corso, Philena
Corso, Sarah
Corso, Selomaed
Corson, Benj. F.
Corvo, Delina
Cote, Egenia
Cote, Eugene
Cote, James
Cote, Lydia
Cote, Mary
Cote, Nazaner
Cote, Octave
Cote, Paul
Cotee, Jackee
Cotee, Lamar
Cotee, Philomen
Coulpit, Elenor
Coulpit, Mary
Coulpit, Richard
Coulpit, Robert
Coulpit, Sarah
Coulpit, Westley
Cour, Mary
Cour, Sallen
Crawford, Richard
Crock, Adi
Crock, Adit
Crock, Adone
Crock, Agley
Crock, Alexa
Crock, Alexander
Crock, Ama
Crock, Angel
Crock, Angel
Crock, Artemis
Crock, Augustus
Crock, Augustus
Crock, B*****
Crock, Catherine
Crock, Charles
Crock, Chochese
Crock, Christian
Crock, Christie
Crock, Christie
Crock, Crissasto
Crock, Dana
Crock, David
Crock, David
Crock, David
Crock, Dea
Crock, Delena
Crock, Deleno
Crock, Demause
Crock, Demus
Crock, Demuse
Crock, Demuse
Crock, Dennis
Crock, Dennis
Crock, Dernauser
Crock, Doumain
Crock, Edward
Crock, Edward
Crock, Edward
Crock, Ela**
Crock, Elenor
Crock, Elenor
Crock, Elenor
Crock, Eli
Crock, Elias
Crock, Elias
Crock, Elias
Crock, Elias
Crock, Elizabeth
Crock, Elizabeth
Crock, Elizabeth
Crock, Elizabeth
Crock, Ellen
Crock, Elnor
Crock, Elway
Crock, Elway
Crock, Ely
Crock, Ely
Crock, Enma
Crock, Faunie
Crock, Feamah
Crock, Feame
Crock, Feannir
Crock, Febian
Crock, Febin
Crock, Flava
Crock, Flave
Crock, Flave
Crock, Flera
Crock, Fleva
Crock, Fleva
Crock, Flevia
Crock, Flevia
Crock, Francis
Crock, Francis
Crock, Francis
Crock, Gabian
Crock, Garaun
Crock, Garin
Crock, Haira
Crock, Havia
Crock, Henry
Crock, Henry
Crock, Henry
Crock, Isaiah
Crock, Jeremiah
Crock, Jerry
Crock, John
Crock, John
Crock, John
Crock, John
Crock, John B
Crock, Joseph
Crock, Joseph

Crock, Joseph
Crock, Joseph
Crock, Joseph
Crock, Juda
Crock, Judith
Crock, Julia
Crock, Julia
Crock, Julia
Crock, Julia
Crock, Ladore
Crock, Lanay
Crock, Laren
Crock, Laura
Crock, Lea
Crock, Ledino
Crock, Legree
Crock, Leren
Crock, Louisa
Crock, Lucy
Crock, Lydia
Crock, Lydia
Crock, Lydia
Crock, Madlin
Crock, Maggheim
Crock, Magwim
Crock, Margaret
Crock, Margaret
Crock, Margaret
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Margarett
Crock, Mark
Crock, Marshall
Crock, Mary
Crock, Mary
Crock, Mary R
Crock, Matilda
Crock, Maxim
Crock, Maxim
Crock, Mecan
Crock, Meteder
Crock, Michael
Crock, Michael
Crock, Modest
Crock, Modest
Crock, Modest
Crock, Modest
Crock, Modest
Crock, Modest
Crock, Nancy
Crock, Nancy
Crock, Octave
Crock, Octave
Crock, Oline
Crock, Olive
Crock, Olive
Crock, Paul
Crock, Paul
Crock, Paul
Crock, Paul
Crock, Peter
Crock, Peter
Crock, Pharesean
Crock, Phebe
Crock, Phebe
Crock, Philmen
Crock, Philomen
Crock, Phina
Crock, Phlan
Crock, Pranazan
Crock, Prin
Crock, Rabbee
Crock, Ragis
Crock, Ragist
Crock, Remmo
Crock, Remmo
Crock, Remmo
Crock, Remo
Crock, Roma
Crock, Roman
Crock, Rose
Crock, Rose
Crock, Rose
Crock, Rose
Crock, Runno
Crock, Sacond
Crock, Saloma
Crock, Salome
Crock, Selia
Crock, Soloma
Crock, Solomon
Crock, Solomon
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Sophia
Crock, Stansie
Crock, Stausee
Crock, Stausee
Crock, Stausee
Crock, Stauser
Crock, Stausey
Crock, Susan
Crock, Susan
Crock, Taddy
Crock, Telle
Crock, Telle
Crock, Telly
Crock, Thomas
Crock, Tuffer
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Vetal
Crock, Victoria
Crock, William
Crock, William
Crock, Xavia
Crock, Zebulon
Crock, Zeta
Crock, Zeta
Crock, Zetey
Cummings, Bradford
Cummings, Catherine
Cummings, Ellen A.
Cummings, John C.
Cummings, Louisa
Cummings, Martha
Cummings, Martha C.
Cummings, Mary L.
Curbey, Amab
Curbey, Angel
Curbey, Lucy
Curbey, Mottie
Curbey, Stausey
Curbey, William
Curim, H.C.
Curim, John F.
Curim, Lucy J.
Curim, Mary
Curim, Mary L.
Curim, Octa A.
Curim, Olive A.
Curim, Phebe A.
Curim, Sarah E.
Currier, Abram
Currier, Adalade
Currier, Ann
Currier, Bethsheba
Currier, David L.
Currier, Enoch
Currier, Jane
Currier, Jane
Currier, John F.
Currier, Moses A.
Cyr, see also Crock
Cyr, Amma
Cyr, Bezzet
Cyr, Christe
Cyr, Christe
Cyr, Flair
Cyr, Flava
Cyr, Jerem.
Cyr, Maitta
Cyr, Modest
Cyr, Paul
Cyr, Zeta

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