Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: M

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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M*ry, *d*
M*ry, Christie
M*ry, Flere
M*ry, Flora
M*ry, Raphael
M*ry, Talla
M*ry, Vetal
M*ry, Zazee
Mack***, Edward
Mack***, John
Mack***, Margarett
Mack***, Margarett
Mack***, Mary
Mack***, Thomas
Mackay, Edward
Mackay, Nazett
Madore see also Maddore, Laplant
Madore, Céleste, as Nadore, Silas
Madore, Octave, as Nadore, Octave
Maddore, Angelie
Maddore, Archibauld
Maddore, Augustess
Maddore, Benjamin
Maddore, Christine
Maddore, Elizabeth
Maddore, Fleva
Maddore, Francis
Maddore, Francis
Maddore, Louisa
Maddore, Louisa
Maddore, Tanese
Maddore, Thomas
Maddore, Thomas
Maddore, Timmise
Maddore, Venoe
Maddox, Mary J.
Maible, Adit
Maible, Canstee
Maible, Francis
Maible, Joseph
Maible, Jude
Maible, Julia
Maible, Leeh
Maible, Mary
Maible, Michael
Maible, Remo
Maible, Sophia
Makee, Adel
Makee, Augustine
Makee, Benj
Makee, Dauret
Makee, Desaus
Makee, Francis
Makee, Jule
Makee, Lesee
Makee, Noel
Makee, Peter
Makee, Peter
Makee, T Solomin
Makee, Tates
Mallett, Bartlett
Manley, John
Manley, Margarett
Manley, Melvina
Manley, Robert
Manley, William
Marcus, Eubad
Marcus, Mazonia
Marcus, Samuel
Marcus, Tallee
Marcus, Verville
Marcus, Vetal
Margram, David
Marke, Edita
Marke, Mary
Marke, Urban
Markee, Christopher
Markee, Mary
Markee, Michael
Marne, Eli
Marquis, Mary
Marron, Alsim
Marron, Bozaloes
Marron, Clorese
Marron, John B.
Marron, Marshall
Marron, Mishell
Marron, Raffel
Marron, Susan
Marsh, Elizabeth
Martin, Addel
Martin, Alexander
Martin, Alexander
Martin, Angel
Martin, Anglet
Martin, Antione
Martin, Benor
Martin, Christie
Martin, Christopher
Martin, Creztone
Martin, Delia
Martin, Dennise
Martin, Édith, as Marke, Edita
Martin, Elena
Martin, Elenor
Martin, Elenor
Martin, Eli
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Emick
Martin, Ferman
Martin, Fleva
Martin, Flevin
Martin, Frezene
Martin, Genevia
Martin, Geo.
Martin, George
Martin, Herbert
Martin, Israel
Martin, John
Martin, Jos.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Judith
Martin, Julia
Martin, Julia
Martin, Leah
Martin, Lezett
Martin, Locad
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Louisa
Martin, Margarett
Martin, Marie, as Marke, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary E.
Martin, Mishall
Martin, Olive
Martin, Paul
Martin, Raffel
Martin, Raffel
Martin, Rosin
Martin, Salamon
Martin, Sally
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Selle
Martin, Semo
Martin, Semo
Martin, Serrino
Martin, Simeon
Martin, Simon
Martin, Simon
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Stause
Martin, Stausee
Martin, Susan
Martin, Tarfield
Martin, Urbain, as Marke, Urban
Martin, Vetal
Martin, Vetal
Martin, Vetalin
Martin, W.
Martin, Wesley
Matherson, Tho's
Matherson, W'm
Mayber, Ardelia
Mazerolle, David, as Mishauld
Mazerolle, Damase, as
Mishauld, Demois
Mazerolle, Fabien, as Mishauld, Fabia
Mazerolle, François, as Mishauld, Francis
Mazerolle, Frédéric, as Mishauld, Fredrick
Mazerolle, Joseph, as Mishauld, Joseph
Mazerolle, Marguerite, as Mishauld, Margarett
Mazerolle, Marie-Anne, as Mishauld, Mary Ann
Mazricks, Eliza J.
McAllister, Abiul
McAllister, John
McBrien, Dundas
McBrien, Tho's
McCann, Ann
McCann, Benj'n
McCann, Elz.
McCann, Jane
McCann, Lothrop
McCann, Sarah
McCann, Tho's
McCann, W'm
McClinchley, Adam
McCloud, Alex'r
Mccluskey, Barney
McCool, Amanda
McCool, James
McCool, Patrick
McCorm***, Donnell
McCormier, Henry
McCulvey, Betsy A.
McCulvey, Catherine
McCulvey, Patrick
McCulvey, Robert
McDonald, Alex
McDonald, Allis
McDonald, Babe
McDonald, Catherine
McDonald, Dan'l
McDonald, James
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Tho's
McDonald, Tho's, Jr.
McDonald, Valentine
McDonough, Catherine
McDonough, Hannah
McDonough, Jane
McDonough, Margaret
McDonough, Michael
McDonough, Sam'l
McDougle, Edward
McDougle, Huldah
McDougle, Margarett
McDougle, William
McDugle, Susan
McGilveny, Joseph
McGuiner, Warren
McIntire, Catherine
McIntire, Geo.
McIntire, James
McIntire, Mary A.
McIntire, Philip
McIntire, Rebecca
McIntire, Susannah
McKenney, James
McKenney, Jane
McKenney, Mary
McKenney, Mary
McKenney, Michael
McKenney, Nicholas
McKey, Patrick
McLain, Margaret
McLain, Mary Jane
McLain, Tho's
McLaughlin, Daniel
McLaughlin, Daniel
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Lydia
McLaughlin, Nancy
McLaughlin, Patrick
McLaughlin, Sarah
McLaughlin, Tho's
McLaughlin, William
McLeim, William
McLuskey, Henry
McMillin, John
McMillin, Margarett
McMillin, Rebecca
McNelly, Ben. A.
McNelly, Frances
McNelly, W'm H.
McPeters, Charles
McPeters, Christan A.
McPeters, Isaac
Peters, Lydia
Peters, Sarah
McPherson, see also / voir aussi McPeters
McPherson, Angus
McPheters, Chs.
McPortosh, Finley
McShea, Ellen E.
McShea, James
McShea, Patrick
McShea, Sarah
Meddeau, Aledet
Meddeau, Aliene
Meddeau, Ama
Meddeau, David
Meddeau, Fema
Meddeau, Flore
Meddeau, Ferne
Meddeau, Joseph
Meddeau, Lazor
Meddeau, Lena
Meddeau, Lerota
Meddeau, Mary
Meddeau, Sophia
Meddeau, Sophie
Meddeau, Susan
Meno, Bruno
Merchant, Harriett
Merchant, Lydia A.
Merchant, Salvernus
Merchant, William
Merchant, William H.
Mercure, Nathalie, as Marcus, Tallee
Mercure, Nazaire, as Marcus, Mazonia
Mercure, Samuel, as Marcus, Samuel
Mercure, Ubald, as Marcus, Eubad
Mercure, Verville, as Marcus, Verville
Mercure, Vital, as Marcus, Vetal
Merrett, William
Merrow, Dolphina
Merrow, Elner
Merrow, Mary
Merrow, Mary
Merrow, Sera
Merrow, Serva
Merrow, Sophia
Merrow, Zeb
Merry, Herbert
Merry, Stausey
Mesheau, Alexander
Mesheau, Eliza
Mesheau, Saloma
Metcalf, Ann M.
Metcalf, Franklin
Metcalf, Geo.
Metcalf, Mary Jane
Metcalf, Sarah
Michaud (all spelling variations grouped together)
Misheaud, Abbot
Mishoe, Abram
Mischeaud, Adam
Michaud, Adet
Michaud, Adit
Michaud, Adit
Misheaud, Anglet
Michaud, Annie
Micheaud, Antoine
Misheaud, B.
Michaud, Benj
Mishaud, Benj
Micheaud, Benjamin
Misheau, Charles
Misheau, Charles
Misheau, Charles
Michaud, Christie
Micheaud, Christin
Michaud, Clorace
Michaud, Clorace
Mishauld, David
Michaud, Deline
Michaud, Demise
Mishauld, Demois
Michaud, Donelle
Mishaud, Elza
Mishauld, Fabia
Micheau, Fanny
Michaud, Flera
Michaud, Francis
Michaud, Francis
Michaud, Francis
Michaud, Francis
Micheau, Francis
Micheau, Francis
Mishauld, Francis
Mishauld, Fredrick
Michaud, Harriett
Mishoe, Harriett
Micheaud, Herbert
Misheaud, Inez
Mishaud, Israel
Michaud, Isreal
Micheaud, Jane
Micheaud, John B
Micheaud, John B
Misheaud, John B.
Misheaud, John B., Jr.
Michaud, Joseph
Micheaud, Joseph
Micheaud, Joseph
Mishauld, Joseph
Micheau, Judith
Michaud, Julia
Michaud, Julia
Michaud, Julia
Mishaud, Louis
Micheaud, Louisa
Micheaud, Louisa
Misheaud, Lucy
Michaud, Margarett
Micheau, Margarett
Mishauld, Margarett
Misheaud, Mark
Micheau, Marshall
Michaud, Mary
Micheau, Mary
Micheaud, Mary
Micheaud, Mary
Misheau, Mary
Misheaud, Mary
Mishoe, Mary
Mishoe, Mary
Michaud, Mary Ann
Mishauld, Mary Ann
Mishoe, Mary P.
Mishaud, Matilda
Michaud, Octan
Michaud, Octan
Micheaud, Octave
Michaud, Pascal
Michaud, Pascal
Micheaud, Pascal
Micheau, Paul
Mishoe, Paul
Michaud, Philomen
Michaud, Phosene
Michaud, Raffel
Michaud, Remie
Mishoe, Rob't
Mishoe, Rob't
Michaud, Roma
Micheaud, Rose
Michaud, Rossia
Michaud, Saira
Michaud, Shara
Michaud, Sophia
Micheaud, Sophia
Micheaud, Stause
Micheaud, Stause
Michaud, Susan
Michaud, Susan
Micheaud, Taddy
Micheaud, Taddy
Michaud, Urbam
Mishoe, Vanez
Misheaud, W'm
Michaud, Xivre
Micheaud, Zeter
Milikin, Robert
Milikin, Sephrena
Milikin, Wallace
Miller, Geo.
Miller, Thomas
Miller, W'm
Millifer, B**
Millifer, Caroline
Millifer, Jos***
Millifer, Joseph
Millifer, Ph***en
Mills, Edw'd
Moa, Andrew
Moa, Joseph
Moa, Joseph
Moa, Robert
Moa, Sophia
Moa, Susan
Moley, Anthony
Moley, Flere
Moley, Isaac
Moley, Lef****
Moley, Margarett
Moley, Paul
Moley, Victoria
Moley, Zozah
Mongan, Soloma
Monough, Bozelest
Monough, Florance
Monough, Gabrail
Monough, Julia
Monough, Mary
Monough, Paulett
Monough, Sophia
Monough, Virginia
Monroe, James
Monroe, John
Montgomery, Deborah
Montgomery, Edward
Montgomery, Elizabeth
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Mary
Moody, Clarissa
Moores, A.T.
Moores, O.A.
Moores, Geo. H.
Moores, James H.
Moores, W'm W.
Moreau, Basilisse, as Monough, Bozelest
Moreau, Florence, as Monough, Florance
Moreau, Gabriel, as Monough, Gabrail
Moreau, Hyppolite, as Monough, Paulett
Moreau, Julie, as Monough, Julia
Moreau, Marie, as Monough, Mary
Moreau, Sophie, as Monough, Sophia
Moreau, Virginie, as Monough, Virginia
Morehouse, Emeline
Morehouse, Freeman
Morehouse, Henry
Morehouse, W'm
Morin, see also Marron, Merrow
Morin, Alcime, as Marron, Alsim
Morin, Basilisse, as Marron, Bozaloes
Morin, Christie, as M*ry, Christie
Morin, Clarisse, as Marron, Clorese
Morin, Cyrille, as Merrow, Sera
Morin, Cyrille, as Morin, Siril
Morin, Dydime, as M*ry, *d*
Morin, Emily
Morin, Flavie, as M*ry, Flere
Morin, Fleurent, as M*ry, Flora
Morin, Isaïe, as M*ry, Zazee
Morin, Jean-Baptiste, as Marron, John B.
Morin, Levi
Morin, Lusfile
Morin, Marie, as Merrow, Mary
Morin, Marie, as Merrow, Mary
Morin, Michel, as Marron, Mishell
Morin, Michel, as Marron, Marshall
Morin, Martale
Morin, Natalie, as M*ry, Falla
Morin, "Serva", as Merrow, Serva
Morin, Siril
Morin, Sophie, as Merrow, Sophia
Morin, Raphael, as Marron, Raffel
Morin, Raphael, as M*ry, Raphael
Morin, Suzanne, as Marron, Susan
Morin, Vital, as M*ry, Vetal
Morrill, Margaret
Morris, Caroline
Morris, Isaac
Morris, Mary A.
Morris, Silas
Morris, William
Morrow, Zear
Mosier, Georg
Mosier, George
Mosier, Joseph
Mosier, Mary Ann
Mosier, Prissila
Mosier, Ruth
Mossey, Angel
Mossey, John
Mullen, Elizabeth
Mullen, Elizabeth
Mullen, James
Mullen, Sarah
Mullen, William
Mullen, William
Muney, Bridgett
Muney, Martin
Munn, James R.
Munn, Sarah Jane
Munn, Thomas
Munney, Elizabeth
Munney, Ellen
Munney, Patrick
Murphey, Bridget
Murphey, Edward
Murphey, Edward
Murphey, James
Murphey, John
Murphey, John
Murphey, John
Murphey, Mary
Murphy, John
Mushrauld, Ardea
Mushrauld, Clarrace
Mushrauld, Dermeso
Mushrauld, Jeremeh
Mushrauld, Mary
Mushrauld, Reno
Mushrauld, William

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