Name Index of the 1860 US Census

Township 17, Range 9 (pp.485-491)
(now St. Francis)

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This index is in the format LastName, Firstname. Spellings are exactly as written in the original transcription.
This page includes only names listed in Township 17, Range 9.
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For information on misspelled French names be sure to check out my page on French names in the 1860 census of Aroostook County.

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Bartlett, Ada M.
Bartlett, Ann A.
Bartlett, Enoch
Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, Nathan
Bartlett, Preston W.
Bartlett, Sophia
Bartlett, Susan M.
Bishop, Francis
Bonfan, Fabur
Bonifan, Fabur
Bonfan, Mary
Bonfan, Olive
Bran, Charles
Bran, Charles
Bran, Collis
Bran, Larisa
Bran, Mary A.
Bran, Reuben
Bran, Rosanna
Bran, Roxana
Castonie, Mark
Castonie, Peter
Castonie, Peter
Croan, Gilman
Croan, Jane
Croan, Matthew
De’Be, Abram
De’Be, Medie
De’Be, Modeste
De’Be, Richd.
De’Be, Sophie
De’Be, Thomas
De’Be, Zeb.
DeRosie, Alexr.
Devenport, Charles
Devenport, Ellen
Devenport, Mary
Duke, Eli
Duke, Isaac
Duke, Michel
Duke, Tasile
Duke, Victoria
Emery, Saphia
Francur, Anthony
Gendreau, Amos
Gendreau, Andrew
Gendreau, Babe
Gendreau, Baptiste
Gendreau, Dubert
Gendreau, Esther
Gendreau, Eugene
Gendreau, Frank
Gendreau, Joseph
Gendreau, Julie
Gendreau, Julie
Gendreau, Julie
Gendreau, Leavit
Gendreau, Louise
Gendreau, Lucy
Gendreau, Martha
Gendreau, Mary
Gendreau, Modeste
Gendreau, Ogite
Gendreau, Pascal
Gendreau, Peter
Gendreau, Peter
Gendreau, Philimon
Gendreau, Sophie
Gendreau, Talie
Gerald, Catharine
Gerald, Ezekiel
Gerald, Geo.
Gerald, Mary A.
Gerald, Nancy
Gerald, Owen
Gerald, Sophia
Gerald, Susan
Grew, Chas.
Harvey, Angelic
Harvey, Bridget
Harvey, Clarissa
Harvey, Francis

Harvey, Francis
Harvey, Francis
Harvey, Joseph
Harvey, Magdaline
Harvey, Mary
Harvey, Obeline
Harvey, Oliver
Harvey, Thomas
Hunnewill, Barnabas
Hunnewill, Barnbs.
Hunnewill, Elizabeth
Hunnewill, Fidelia
Hunnewill, Franklin
Hunnewill, Isabella
Hunnewill, Josephine
Hunnewill, Melinda
Jackson, Aaron
Jackson, Aaron
Jackson, Benj.
Jackson, Danl.
Jackson, Geo. W.
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Richd.
Jackson, Rosanne
Johnson, Abby F.
Johnson, Ellen
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, William
Kayton, John
Landri, Augustus
Landri, Augustus
Landri, Betsey
Landri, Cecile
Landri, Clovis
Landri, Ephraim
Landri, Eugene
Landri, Lydia
Landri, Philimon
Maddox, Emma
Maddox, John W.
Mallett, Bartlett
Mallett, Fred. B.
Mallett, Herbert A.
Mallett, Isabella
Mallett, Leona B.
Maville, Sovereign
McLoughlin, Tim.
McPherson, Chas.
McPherson, Chas. H.
McPherson, Christiana
McPherson, Christie
McPherson, Edwin
McPherson, Isaac
McPherson, John
McPherson, Lydia
McPherson, Sarah
McPherson, Thomas
McQuerry, Geo. D.
Michaud, Brineau
Michaud, Brineau
Michaud, Clarisse
Michaud, Dorimine
Michaud, Jere.
Michaud, Modeste
Michaud, Philisita
Michaud, Raphael
Michaud, Simon
Michaud, Sophie
Michaud, Wm.
Murphy, Anabella
Murphy, Jas.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, William
O’Clair, James
O’Clair, Mary
O’Clair, Paul
Ouillette, Adolfe
Ouillette, Clarissa
Ouillette, Demrise

Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillette, Modeste
Ouillette, Olive
Ouillette, Richard
Ouillette, Wm.
Pelletier, Betsey
Pelletier, Dorimene
Pelletier, Solomon
Peltier, Beloni
Peltier, Beloni
Peltier, Daniel
Peltier, Didime
Peltier, Edith
Peltier, Edward
Peltier, Edwd.
Peltier, Elizabeth
Peltier, Ellen
Peltier, Flavie
Peltier, Henry
Peltier, John B.
Peltier, John B.
Peltier, Josiah
Peltier, LeCarte
Peltier, Romain
Peltier, Sered
Peltier, Sigel
Peltier, Simon
Peltier, Stazie
Peltier, Theodore
Peltier, Vital
Peltier, William H.
Peltier, Zite
Peltier, Zite
Priestly, Geo.
Runnels, John
Savage, Annie
Savage, David
Savage, Eliza
Savage, Eliza
Savage, Jane
Savage, Joseph
Savage, Margaret
Savage, Martin
Savage, Melinda
Savage, Melissa
Savage, Milton
Savage, Milton
Savage, Romon
Sinclair, David
Sinclair, Duncan
Sinclair, Emiline
Sinclair, Emiline
Sinclair, Eunice
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Mary
Sinclair, Wallace
Soucier, Angelic
Soucier, Cecilia
Soucier, Joseph
Soucier, LeCarte
Soucier, Margaret
Soucier, Oliver
Teriault, Chas.
Teriault, Theoph.
Thibedeau, Alice
Thibedeau, Alice
Thibedeau, Anthony
Thibedeau, Christian
Thibedeau, Ellen
Thibedeau, Flavie
Thibedeau, John
Thibedeau, John
Thibedeau, Placide
Thibedeau, Placide
Wiggin, Josiah
Wiggin, Susan

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