Name Index of the 1850 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County Census District

Names: N-O

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Nadeau (all spellings grouped
together: Nadeaux, Nadoe, Nadou,
Nedeau, Neddo
); see also Meddeau
Nadeau, Aimé, as Meddeau, Ama
Nedeau, Almenia
Nadeaux, Biddy
Nadeaux, Delano
Neddeau, Dennis
Nedeau, Dermaun
Nedeau, Domelete
Nadeau, Dousta
Nedeau, Elizabeth
Nadeau, Éléonore, as Dusett, Elenor
Nedeau, Else
Nadeau, Euphemie, as Meddeau, Fema
Nadeaux, Fabin
Nadeaux, Fabor
Nadeau, Fearmin
Nadeau, Fearmin
Nadeau, Flavie, as Meddeau, Flore
Nedeau, Francis
Nedeau, Jos.
Nedeau, Jos., Jr.
Nadeau, Jos.
Neddo, Joseph
Nedeau, Lewe
Nedeau, Lezett
Nedeau, Marceleu
Neddo, Margaret
Nadeau, Martin
Nadeau, Mary
Nadeaux, Mary
Nadeaux, Mary
Nedeau, Mary
Nedeau, Mary
Nadeaux, Mary A.
Neddo, Napolion
Nadeau, Olive
Nadeaux, Olive
Nadeau, Orlesta
Nadeau, Peter
Nedeau, Peter
Nedeau, Phebe
Nedeau, Philomen
Neddo, Prissilla
Nadeaux, Ramien
Nadeau, Rose
Nedeau, Rozeleane
Neddo, Sefroid
Neddo, Sefroid
Nedeau, Sophia
Nadeau, Sophie, as Meddeau, Sophia
Nadeaux, Susan
Nedeau, Telz
Neddo, Theopholious
Nedeau, William
Nadore, Jos.
Nadore, Octave
Nadore, Silas
Narey, Babe
Narey, Francis W.
Narey, Isabel
Narey, James L.
Narey, Jane
Narey, Sarah
Narey, Sarah Ann
Narey, Susanna
Narey, Syrena
Narey, Thomas
Neil, Ja's C.
Neil, Mary W.
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, Mary Jane
Neugin, Ally
Neugin, Ellen
Neugin, James
Nichols, Alphanso
Nichols, Emeline
Nichols, Hannah
Nichols, Harriett
Nichols, Huldah
Nichols, James
Nichols, James
Nichols, John
Nichols, John
Nichols, Margarett
Nichols, Phebe
Nichols, Sylvester
Nickerson, Eleza
Nickerson, Peleg T.
Nickerson, Rebecca
Niles, A.F.
Niles, Mary L.
Niles, Silas
Noble, Joseph
Noble, Ruth
Noble, Ruth
Noble, Sandford
Norris, Frances
Norris, Hanrietta
Norris, Jane
Norris, John L.
Norris, Mary Ann
Norris, Richard
Norris, Rosanna
Nourse, George A.
O'Brien, John
O'Brien, Mary
O'Brien, William
Oakes, Angeline
Oakes, Ann Eliza
Oakes, Ebenezer
Oakes, Franklin
Oakes, Hartley
Oakes, James
Oakes, Jane
Oakes, Judson
Oakes, Manley
Oakes, Merchant
Oakes, Timothy
Ohera, Augusta
Ohera, Caroline
Ohera, Charles
Ohera, Eliza
Ohera, Elizabeth
Ohera, Esther
Ohera, Francis
Ohera, James
Ohera, James
Ohera, Julia
Ohera, Lewis
Oneal, Ch's W.
Oneal, Ellen F.
Oneal, James E.
Oneal, John H.
Oneal, Mary
Oneal, Philip
Oneal, Thomas O.
Ontes, Isaac
Ouellette see Willet, Willett, Willot

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