Census transcriptions:

Aroostook County, Maine, 1840 US Census

(including communities on the north bank of the upper St.John River in Carleton -- now Madawaska -- County, New Brunswick)

About the 1840 Census

The Sixth Census of the United States, undertaken in 1840, was a head of household census; that is, it recorded the name only of the heads of families; the rest of the information was recorded in terms of numbers of people within households, without names. The census data is supposed to be as of June 1, 1840, the date on which census enumeration began; the census in Aroostook County seems to have been completed by the end of September 1840. The actual enumeration was to be undertaken by Assistant US Marshals.

The census form itself breaks the population down by race, sex, and slave vs. free status. In particular, it asked about number of free white males and females in 5-year age groups to 20, 10-year age groups from 20 to 100, and 100 years old and over; number of slaves and free colored persons in six broad age groups; number of deaf and dumb; number of blind; number of insane and idiotic in public or private charge; number of persons in each family employed in each of seven classes of occupations; number of schools and number of scholars; number of white persons over 20 who could not read and write; number of pensioners for Revolutionary or other military service.

In the census of Aroostook County, the census takers were not consistent in taking down information about the occupations of individuals, about the number of students in each family, or about the number of people in each family who could not read and write. In some cases, that information was carefully noted (for example in the divisions surveyed by census taker John M. Hutchinson). In other cases however, it was not. In addition, the very last column, on those who cannot read and write, is often not visible in the microfilm copy of the census. So the lack of information in a column does not mean there were no people in that category in the household. If a number is in the column, however, it means that the census taker did mark it down and that it was legible on the microfilm copy of the census.

In addition to townships that are in the County of Aroostook, the 1840 census includes communities that are now in Madawaska County, New Brunswick (for an explanation, see Notes on the census of the Madawaska Settlements North and South of the St.John River). In addition, two townships in Penobscot County, Township Number 3, 6th and 7th Ranges (now Stacyville and Sherman Station) were included, possibly because the road (now Route 11) between Township 3, Range 5 (now Sherman) northward to Township 6, Range 5 (now Moro Plantation) passes through Penobscot County at that point.

Once the enumeration was finished, "correct" copies of the completed census forms were "set up at two of the most public places within the Division, open to the inspection of all concerned," according to notes at the end of each division's pages, and one was sent to the US district court in the region.

Aroostook County in 1840 had a population of 9,413. There were three people listed under "free colored" people; and obviously no slaves (Maine had entered the Union in 1820 as a free state). 2,273 people worked in agriculture, 27 in manufacturing, 9 in "learned professions and engineering." There was only one Revolutionary war or other military pensioner; 971 people over the age of 20 who could not read and write, 29 public grammar or common schools with about 1,150 students.

Here's a breakdown of the free white population of the county by age and sex:



 0-4 years











































Transcriptions of the 1840 US Census of Aroostook County, Maine by township names and page numbers (Microfilm Roll #M704-136)

These pages are transcriptions of names as the census takers wrote them. Some of the names (especially the French ones) were not taken down correctly by the enumerator, but the census transcription project's goal is an exact copy of what was written. Only information in the space under "Remarks" is not transcribed from the census (rather, it explains or gives further information).

For clues on the French names that are misspelled, see my page on French names in the 1840 census of Aroostook County. For a few people for whom I have specific information, for example the "correct" spelling of the name, maiden name, etc., I have put that information into the "Remarks" space (in parentheses).

If you have information about someone in the census--correct name spelling, maiden name, etc.--let me know and I'll add it.

I am also putting links into these pages. If there is a page elsewhere with info on an individual, I will put a link from the census transcription page to that page. If you'd like me to link anyone, please let me know the page address.

These transcriptions have been done from the microfilm copy of the census, input into the US GenWeb Census Project software CenTrans, and then proofread against that copy and corrected. I then formatted them into the pages here.

A Note on Page Headings
At the top of each page of the transcription is information about that page. Some is self-explanatory, but here are explanations of some of the other information:

Stamped no.: Numbers stamped in the upper right hand corner of each full schedule page. These are the page numbers used in this transcription and in the published index to the 1840 census.
Reel no.: The number of the microfilm reel that contains this particular county's census returns.
Division: Name of townships listed in the 1840 Census, as written vertically in the far left hand column of the original census form (under the heading "Names of County, City, Ward, towns, Township, Parish, Precinct, Hundred or District").
Page no.: For the transcription of the Madawaska Settlements, I have numbered each page in those divisions consecutively; for the rest of the county, this is the same number as the "stamped number".
Enumerated by: The name of the Assistant US Marshal who acted as the census taker for the division. More information on the census takers.
Reference: Numbers that are on the right-hand edge of the microfilm, above the actual images of the census pages, that indicate a location on the microfilm roll, not specific pages. Useful to find a specific place on the microfilm roll without having to use a microfilm viewer, or when scanning through a large number of pages, or for finding pages whose stamped page numbers are difficult to see.

Pages 1 through 44 of this microfilm reel contain the totals for every township and county in the State of Maine; the census of Aroostook county thus does not begin until page 45.

To see the full list of towns in the 1840 census in the original order, with page numbers, microfilm reference numbers, and total population of each township, go to the Guide to the 1840 US Census, Aroostook County.

Click here to see the current names of the Aroostook townships that are included in the 1840 census; or here to see what the 1840 townships are called today.

Alphabetical list of townships in the 1840 US Census of Aroostook County, Maine: Links to online transcriptions:

Amity Belfast Academy Grant Benedicta, or No. 2, 5th Range Bridgewater Academy Grant Fort Fairfield Framingham Academy Grant
Hodgdon Houlton Letter A,
1st Range
Letter A,
2nd Range
Letter A,
5th Range
Letter G Letter G,
2nd Range
Letters H & I,
1st and 2nd Ranges
Letter H,
2nd Range
Linneus Madawaska North of the St.John River (includes communities in New Brunswick)
Madawaska South of the St.John River   New Limerick Orient Gore Plymouth Grant Plymouth & Eaton Grants,
1st Range
Smyrna Township Number 1,
2nd Range
Township Number 1,
3rd Range
Township Number 1,
4th Range
Township Number 1,
5th Range
Township Number 2,
2nd Range
Township Number 2,
3rd Range
Township Number 2,
5th Range, or Irish Township
Township Number 3,
2nd Range
Township Number 3,
5th Range
Township Number 3,
6th & 7th Ranges

(these townships are located in Penobscot Co.)
Township Number 4,
5th Range, or Fish's Township
Township Number 5,
3rd Range
Township Number 6,
5th Range
Townships Number 7 & 9,
5th Range
Township Number 9 Township Number 10,
5th Range
Township Number 11,
1st Range
Township Number 11,
5th Range
Township Number 13,
3rd Range
Westfield Academy Grant Weston Williams College Grant  

The list of completed transcriptions, in the order they appear in the census, with page numbers, microfilm reference numbers, and total population of each township or division:
Name of Township Page Nos. Reference number
(what's this?)
Total Population
Madawaska North of the St.John River  pp.45-54  0087-0104


Letter A, 5th Range  p.57  0111


Township No.1, 5th Range  p.57  0111


Benedicta Township, or Township No.2, 5th Range
Township No.2, 5th Range, or Irish Township






Township No.3, 5th Range  p.58  0113


Township No.4, 5th Range, or Fish's Township  pp.59-60  0115-0117


Township No. 6, 5th Range  p.60  0117


Townships No. 7 and 9, 5th Range  p.60  0117


Township No.10, 5th Range or Masardis  pp.60-61  0117-0118


Township No.11, 5th Range  p.61  0118


Township No.13, 3rd Range  p.61  0118


Letter G, 2nd Range  p.62  0122


Letter H, 2nd Range  p.62  0122


Plymouth and Eaton Grants, 1st Range  p.62  0122


Letters H and I, 1st and 2nd Ranges  p.63  0124


Plymouth Grant  p.64  0126


Letter G  p.65  0128


Fort Fairfield or Letter D  pp.65-66  0128-0130


Township No.3, 6th and 7th Ranges  p.66  0130


Houlton  pp.69-74  0135-0145


Smyrna  pp.75-76  0147-0149


Belfast Academy Grant  p.77  0151


New Limerick  p.78  0153


Letter A, 1st Range  p.79  0155


Williams College Grant  p.80  0156


Bridgewater Academy Grant  p.81  0158


Framingham Academy Grant  p.82  0160


Westfield Academy Grant  p.82  0160


Hodgdon  pp.85-88  0166-0171


Township No.5, 3rd Range  p.88  0171


Letter A, 2nd Range  p.88  0171


Weston  pp.89-90  0173-0175


Township No.2, 2nd Range  p.90  0175


Linneus  pp.91-92  0177-0178


Amity  p.93  0180


Township No.11, 1st Range  p.94  0182


Township No.1, 4th Range  p.94  0182


Township No.2, 3rd Range  p.94  0182


Township No.1, 2nd Range  p.95  0184


Township No.1, 3rd Range  p.95  0184


Orient Gore  p.96  0186


Township No.9  p.96  0186


Township No.3, 2nd Range  p.97  0188


Madawaska South of the St.John River  pp.99-106  0190-0203


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