Name Index of the 1860 US Census

Township 18, Range 6 (pp.495-503)
Township 18, Range 7 (pp.465-482)

(now Fort Kent)

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This index is in the format LastName, Firstname. Spellings are exactly as written in the original transcription.
This page includes only names listed in Township 18, Range 6 and Township 19, Range 7 (now Fort Kent).

For a name index of all the Upper St.John River Valley communities transcribed on this site, go to the Name Index of the 1860 US Census of the Upper St.John River Valley communities.

For information on misspelled French names be sure to check out my page on French names in the 1860 census of Aroostook County.

Here are some common misspellings in Township 18, Range 6 and Township 18, Range 7:
Adubert = Audibert
Buchaud = Bouchard
Burabie = Bérubé
Castonie = Castonguay
Chorette = Charette
Cluky = Cloutier
Coreau = Caron
Coutie = Côté
Curbie = Corbin
Diemon = Guimond
De'Be, Du'Be = Dubé, Dubois
France = Lafrance
Fornier = Fournier
Gover = Gauvin
Gutreau = Gaudreau
L'Amour = Lamarre
LeFelieure = Laferrière
Lougie - Lauzier
Nedeau = Nadeau
O'Clair = Auclair

Ouissin = Voisine
Peltier = Pelletier
Penit, Penite = Pinette
Plude = Plourde
Romain = Raymond
Soucier = Saucier
St.Thomas = St-Amant
Squirrel = St.Germain dit Cureux
Vassieur = Lavaseur
Villeancourt = Vaillancourt

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Adams, Alexr.
Adams, Caroline
Adams, Eliza
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Harvey
Adams, Harvey
Adams, Joanna
Adams, Sarah J.
Adams, William
Adubert, Betsey
Adubert, Charlotte
Adubert, Joseph
Adubert, Josephine
Adubert, Margaret
Adubert, Mary
Adubert, Stephen
Adubert, Thomas
Adubert, Vital
Albert, Anselm
Albert, Margaret
Albert, Margaret
Allen, Ann
Allen, Ellen
Allen, Harper
Allen, John P.
Allen, Josephine
Allen, Martha
Allen, Mary
Ambrose, Louis
Ameraux, John
Austin, Catharine
Austin, Horace
Austin, John
Austin, Mary
Bartlett, Benj. S.
Bartlett, Caleb
Bartlett, Frances L.
Bartlett, Georgiana
Bartlett, Nathl.
Betts, Elizabeth
Betts, Epm.
Betts, Margaret
Betts, Mary
Betts, Mathilda
Betts, Sophia
Boiles, John
Boutotte, Baptiste
Boutotte, Dessant
Boutotte, Dessant
Boutotte, Geo.
Boutotte, Hanriett
Boutotte, Harriett
Boutotte, Joseph
Boutotte, Mary
Boutotte, Sophie
Brackett, Geo.
Brown, Jos.
Buchaud, Baptiste
Buchaud, Chas.
Buchaud, Clarissa
Buchaud, Dorimine
Buchaud, Israel
Buchaud, Jere.
Buchaud, Matthew
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Thos.
Buchaud, William
Bulie, Philimon
Burabie, Adolphus
Burabie, Ariel
Burabie, Charles
Burabie, Chas.
Burabie, Constance
Burabie, Deusta
Burabie, France
Burabie, Francis
Burabie, Francis
Burabie, Isaac
Burabie, James
Burabie, Josephine
Burabie, Mary
Burabie, Sasone
Burabie, Thomas
Burebie, Melie
Burebie, Peter
Butotte, Amora
Butotte, Archibald
Butotte, Feran
Butotte, Feran
Butotte, Mary
Butotte, Mary
Butotte, Peter
Butotte, Talie
Camo, Angus
Campbell, Augusta
Campbell, Fred. W.
Campbell, Matilda
Campbell, Norman
Campbell, Sarah R.
Campbell, Susan R.
Castonie, Addine
Castonie, Alaire
Castonie, Beloni
Castonie, Delina
Castonie, Julie
Castonie, Magloire
Castonie, Mary
Castonie, Melvina
Castonie, Prudhon
Castonie, Sophie
Castonie, Sophie
Castonie, Susan
Castonie, Zelest
Chasse, David
Chasse, David
Chasse, France
Chasse, Francis
Chasse, LeRose
Chasse, LeRose
Chasse, Louis
Chasse, Louis
Chasse, Paul
Chasse, Thomas
Chorette, Angel
Chorette, Angelic
Chorette, Angelic
Chorette, Baptiste
Chorette, Christie
Chorette, David
Chorette, Damotile
Chorette, Gaelie
Chorette, George
Chorette, Isaiah
Chorette, John
Chorette, Joseph
Chorette, Larry
Chorette, Octave
Chorette, Paul
Chorette, Rebecca
Chorette, Romain
Chorette, Romain
Chorette, Sarah
Chorette, Tazie
Chorette, Tedou
Chorette, Theoph.
Chorette, Thomas
Chorette, William
Clare, Jane
Clare, John
Clare, John
Clark, Charlotte
Clark, Chas.
Clark, Christina
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, Jos.
Clark, Wm.
Clark, Wm.
Clary, John
Cluky, Celeste
Cluky, Design
Cluky, Peter
Cluky, Romain
Cluky, William
Conliff, Geo. V.
Conliff, Matilda
Conliff, Wm. H.
Conliff, Wm. H.
Coreau, Annri
Coreau, Artanse
Coreau, Bazilais
Coreau, Deom
Coreau, Dubert
Coreau, Firmin
Coreau, Francis
Coreau, Friall
Coreau, Harriett
Coreau, Joseph
Coreau, Louis
Coreau, Louis
Coreau, Mary
Coreau, Mary
Coreau, Mary
Coreau, Merciline
Coreau, Michel
Coreau, Michel
Coreau, Modeste
Coreau, Paul
Coreau, Phebe
Coreau, Richard
Coreau, Selima
Coreau, Selima
Coreau, Talie
Coreau, Tazie
Coreau, Wm.
Costilow, Martin
Coutie, Isaac
Coutie, Mary
Coutie, Thos.
Croix, Jos.
Cunard, Edward
Cunard, Ellen
Cunard, John
Cunard, Julia
Cunard, Mary
Cunard, Oliver
Cunard, William
Curbie, Demrise
Curbie, Francis
Curbie, Francis
Curbie, Joseph
Curbie, Susan
Curbie, Susan
Curbie, William
Cyr, Fabien
Cyr, Joseph
Cyr, Josiah
Cyr, Magloire
Cyr, Martha
Cyr, Mary A.
Cyr, Olive
Cyr, Solomon
Cyr, Victoria
Cyr, Vital
Cyr, Vital
D'Agile, Ledon
D'Agile, Lucy
D'Aigle, Alime
D'Aigle, Anastatia
D'Aigle, Ansolem
D'Aigle, Archie
D'Aigle, Baptiste
D'Aigle, Baptiste
D'Aigle, David
D'Aigle, Desite
D'Aigle, Didime
D'Aigle, Dilina
D'Aigle, Dina
D'Aigle, Dominique
D'Aigle, Dorimene
D'Aigle, Dusite
D'Aigle, Eustan
D'Aigle, Femmie
D'Aigle, Firmin
D'Aigle, Firmin
D'Aigle, Flavie
D'Aigle, Flora
D'Aigle, Francis
D'Aigle, Francis
D'Aigle, Hannah
D'Aigle, Henry
D'Aigle, Henry
D'Aigle, Horace
D'Aigle, Julie
D'Aigle, Julie
D'Aigle, Julie
D'Aigle, Margaret
D'Aigle, Mary
D'Aigle, Mary
D'Aigle, Merciline
D'Aigle, Michel
D'Aigle, Michel
D'Aigle, Modeste
D'Aigle, Modeste
D'Aigle, Modeste
D'Aigle, Octave
D'Aigle, Orsime
D'Aigle, Paul
D'Aigle, Peter
D'Aigle, Philimon
D'Aigle, Philimon
D'Aigle, Prideau
D'Aigle, Richard
D'Aigle, Richard
D'Aigle, Rimon
D'Aigle, Romain
D'Aigle, Sarah
D'Aigle, Sophie
D'Aigle, Sophie
D'Aigle, Susan
D'Aigle, Talie
D'Aigle, Tazie
D'Aigle, Tazie
D'Aigle, Theodore
D'Aigle, Thomas
D'Aigle, Vila
D'Aigle, Virginia
D'Aigle, Vital
D'Aigle, Vital
D'Aigle, Vital
D'Aigle, Zavier
De'Be, Adolphus
Dee, Bridget
Dee, Elizabeth
Dee, James
Dee, William
DeFord, Jos.
Desgardins, Henry
Deveau, Augustus
Deveau, Christie
Deveau, Frederick
Deveau, Gusteau
Deveau, Julie

Deveau, Louis
Deveau, Susan
Deveau, Susan
Deveau, Vital
Deveau, William
Deveau, William
Dickey, Calvin P.B.
Dickey, Cora P.
Dickey, Cyrus H.
Dickey, Lydia F.
Dickey, Margaret P.F.
Dickey, William B.
Dickey, William
Diemon, Alexr.
Diemon, Baptiste
Diemon, Damotile
Diemon, Mary
Diemon, Octave
Diemon, Peter
Diemon, Rosalie
Diemon, Sophie
Diemon, Tazie
Diemon, Thomas

Downs, Wm.
Du'Be, Amebe
Du'Be, Amebe
Du'Be, Amebe
Du'Be, Andrew
Du'Be, Antoine
Du'Be, Artans
Du'Be, Charles
Du'Be, Charles
Du'Be, Dumas
Du'Be, Flora
Du'Be, Honriett
Du'Be, John
Du'Be, Jos.
Du'Be, Joseph
Du'Be, Julie
Du'Be, Julie
Du'Be, LeCarte
Du'Be, Leon
Du'Be, Lucy
Du'Be, Lucy
Du'Be, Mary
Du'Be, Mary
Du'Be, Merceline
Du'Be, Ones
Du'Be, Peter
Du'Be, Peter
Du'Be, Philimon
Du'Be, Prudhon
Du'Be, Prudhon
Du'Be, Sophie
Du'Be, Sophie
Du'Be, Thaddius
Du'Be, Timese
Dubois, Charles, as Du'Be, Charles
Dubois, Jean, as Du'Be, John
Dubois, Marie-Louise, as Du'Be, Mary
Dubois, Philomène, as Du'Be, Philimon
Dubois, Sophie, as Du'Be, Sophie
Dumas, Sophia
Eaton, Edward
Elliot, Jos.
Emery, Ann
Emery, Artimese
Emery, Charles
Emery, Christie
Emery, Daniel
Emery, David
Emery, David
Emery, Elizabeth
Emery, Ellen
Emery, Martha
Emery, Mary
Emery, Miles
Emery, Miles
Emery, Raphael
Emery, Sophie
Emery, Susan
Emery, William
Finn, Betsey
Finn, Ellen
Finn, Mary A.
Finn, Thomas
Finn, Thos.
Foley, Catharine
Foley, James
Foley, Joanna
Foley, John
Foley, John
Foley, Mary
Foley, Mary J.
Foley, William
France, Hannah
France, Henry
France, Margaret
France, Peter
Frank, Joseph
Frank, Margaret
Frank, Mary
French, Fredk. F.
Gerald, Catharine
Gerald, Nancy
Getchell, Mary A.
Gibbons, Bridget
Gibbons, Edward
Gibbons, Miles
Gibbons, Sarah
Gibbons, Sarah J.
Gibbons, Thomas
Gilaspie, Chas.
Gilken, Isabella
Gilken, Mary
Gilken, Merciline
Gilken, Wm.
Golden, Angelic
Golden, Hugh
Golden, Hugh
Golden, John
Golden, Mary
Gordon, Wm. F.
Gouch, Frank.
Gover, Andrew
Gover, Angel
Gover, Geo.
Gover, Joseph
Gover, Sally
Gover, Sophie
Gravel, Alice
Gravel, Alphonse
Gravel, Orrick
Gravel, Peter
Gravel, Peter
Gray, John
Gray, Nancy
Gray, Philimon
Grew, Louis
Gutreau, Andrew
Gutreau, Andrew
Gutreau, Dinah
Gutreau, Gilbert
Gutreau, John
Gutreau, Joseph
Gutreau, Joseph
Gutreau, Mary
Gutreau, Mary
Gutreau, Oaksie
Gutreau, Oaksie
Gutreau, Peter
Gutreau, Philimon
Gutreau, Sophie
Gutreau, Sophie
Gutreau, Zite
Haford, Cavalier
Haford, Charles
Haford, Daniel
Haford, Eliza
Haford, Elizabeth
Haford, Filien
Haford, James
Haford, Jere.
Haford, John
Haford, Martha
Haford, Wm.
Hagerman, John
Haley, C.A.
Haley, Sarah A.
Halsall, Henry
Hennesy, Thos.
Hewes, Henry
Jenkins, Alanson F.
Jenkins, Calvin M.
Jenkins, Chas.
Jenkins, Mary J.
Jenkins, Mary J.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Simon
Keddle, Danl. P.
Keddle, James
Keddle, Jos. A.
Keddle, Jos. M.
Keddle, Robert
Keddle, Robert S.
Keddle, Sarah A.
Keddle, Sarah
Keddle, William N.
Knights, Abram
Knights, Ann
Knights, John
Knights, John
Knights, John
Knights, Joseph
Knowles, George
Knowles, Harrison
Knowles, Ruth
Lamour, Adelaide
Lamour, Chas.
Lamour, Julie
Lamour, Mary
Lamour, Wm.
Lanigan, Cornelius
Lannan, Patk.
Lannare, Pat.
Larkin, Asie
Larkin, Asie
Larkin, Ellen
Larkin, Jos.
Larkin, Margaret A.
Larkin, Mary
Law, Thomas
Le'Be, Julie
LeFalieur, Chas.
LeFelieur, Delina
LeFalieur, Dominique
LeFalieur, George
LeFalieur, Isaiah
LeFelieur, Isaiah
LeFalieur, John
LeFelieur, Jos.
LeFalieur, Louise
LeFelieur, Mary
LeFelieur, Talie
LeFelieur, William
Legasse, Mary
Legasse, Thoph.
LePlant, Anthony
LePlant, Edward
LePlant, Modeste
LePlant, Octave
LePlant, Sefrot
Levique, Frank
Lezotte, Baptiste
Lougie, Flavie
Lougie, Flavie
Lougie, George
Lougie, George
Lougie, Mary
Lougie, Sophie
Lovejoy, Wm.
Madore, Adelaida
Madore, Adolphus
Madore, Celeste
Madore, Deusta
Madore, Deusta
Madore, Flavie
Madore, Mary
Madore, Octave
Madore, Octave
Madore, Peter
Madore, Rebecca
Madore, Sarah
Madore, Tazie
Malony, Elizabeth
Malony, John
Malony, Maria
Malony, Michael
Malony, Michael R.
Malony, Sidney
Malony, Sidney A.
Marese, Peter
Marese, Sophie
Marklin, Wm.
Marque, Alfred
Marque, Celeste
Marque, Charles
Marque, Flavie
Marque, George
Marque, Maxl.
Marque, Merceline
Marque, Merceline
Marque, Romain
Marray, Wm.
Marray, Wm.
Mars, Edwd.
Marshall, Mary
Martin, Chrisopther
Martin, Mary
Martin, Solomon
Martin, Sophie
McAlister, Geo.
McAuley, Sara A.
McCloud, Allan
McCloud, John
McCloud, Mal.
McCluskey, David
McCool, Edward
McCool, Henry
McCool, James
McCool, Margaret
McCool, Melvina
McCool, Patk.
McCool, William
McCutchin, Robt.
McDonald, Allan
McDonald, John
McGinnis, Jos.
McGowan, Archd.
McGowan, Jane
McGowan, Jere.
McGowan, John
McGowan, Margaret
McGowan, Sarah
McGraw, Amelia
McGroty, Chas.
McGroty, Francis L.
McIntire, Susan
McKay, Alexr.
McKewen, Henry
McLoud, Alexr.
McLoud, Danl.
McLoud, Elizabeth
McLoud, Malcomb
McLoud, William H.
McLoughlin, Thos. M.
McNeil, Dougald
McNeil, Neil
Medore, Josephine
Michaud, Firmin
Michaud, Mary
Michaud, Octave
Michaud, Octave
Michaud, Olive
Michaud, Pauline
Michaud, Peter
Michaud, Sefrot
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, Mercy
Mills, Edwd.
Morin, Baptiste
Morin, Michaud
Morin, Michel
Morin, Raphael
Morin, Rosilais
Morin, Susan
Morrisey, Jos.
Morrisy, Chas.
Muckler, Edwd.
Murphy, Jesse
Murphy, Jugh
Murray, Malcomb
Nedeau, Ammi
Nedeau, Deliade
Nedeau, Desire
Nedeau, Dusite
Nedeau, Dussite
Nedeau, Elcie
Nedeau, Elise E.
Nedeau, Emily
Nedeau, Fabien
Nedeau, Femie
Nedeau, Firmin
Nedeau, Firmin
Nedeau, Flavie
Nedeau, Flavie
Nedeau, Henry
Nedeau, Hexe
Nedeau, John
Nedeau, Jos.
Nedeau, Joseph
Nedeau, Joseph
Nedeau, LaRose
Nedeau, Lean
Nedeau, Lydia
Nedeau, Maria
Nedeau, Mary
Nedeau, Octavid
Nedeau, Olive
Nedeau, Philimon
Nedeau, Sophie
Nedeau, Susan
Nedeau, Zite
Niles, Mary L.
Niles, Silas
O'Clair, Archer
O'Clair, Joseph
O'Clair, Sarah
O'Clare, Ambrose
Ouillette, Alexander
Ouillette, Antoine
Ouillette, Baptiste
Ouillette, Edith
Ouillette, Fabien
Ouillette, Fabien
Ouillette, Flavie
Ouillette, Genevieve
Ouillette, Genvieve
Ouillette, George
Ouillette, Henry
Ouillette, Isaiah
Ouillette, Israel
Ouillette, Joseph
Ouillette, Louise
Ouillette, Martha
Ouillette, Mary
Ouillette, Melie
Ouillette, Melite
Ouillette, Narcisse
Ouillette, Olive
Ouillette, Philimon
Ouillette, Sophie
Ouillette, Talie
Ouillette, Talie
Ouillette, Talie
Ouillette, Tazie
Ouillette, Zite
Ouissin, Basil
Ouissin, Beloni
Ouissin, John
Ouissin, Jos.
Ouissin, Joseph
Ouissin, Listare
Ouissin, Listare
Ouissin, Napoleon
Ouissin, Obeline
Ouissin, Octave
Ouissin, Olive
Ouissin, Peter
Ouissin, Romain
Ouissin, Sarah
Ouissin, Sophia
Ouissin, Susan
Ouissin, Virginia
Ouissin, William
Page, Adelaide
Page, David
Page, Francis
Page, Isaac H.
Page, Julia E.
Page, Mary J.
Page, Mary J.
Pease, John
Peltier, Alexr.
Peltier, Ann
Peltier, Bartholomew
Peltier, Chas.
Peltier, Chas.
Peltier, Edward
Peltier, Eliza
Peltier, Esther
Peltier, Flavie
Peltier, Fred.
Peltier, Hannah
Peltier, Harriett
Peltier, Harriett
Peltier, Henry
Peltier, Henry
Peltier, Hilare
Peltier, Joseph
Peltier, Joseph
Peltier, LaRose
Peltier, Lorenzo
Peltier, Louise
Peltier, Louise
Peltier, Mary
Peltier, Mary
Peltier, Mary
Peltier, Mehalia
Peltier, Menoz
Peltier, Michel
Peltier, Michel
Peltier, Modeste
Peltier, Napoleon
Peltier, Oliver
Peltier, Peter
Peltier, Richard
Peltier, Saml.
Peltier, Savire
Peltier, Sophie
Peltier, Sophie
Peltier, Tazie
Peltier, Tazie
Peltier, Thos.
Peltier, Victoria
Peltier, Virginia
Peltier, Vital
Peltier, Zavier
Penit, Demrise
Penit, Joseph
Penit, Mary
Penit, Thomas
Penit, Thomas
Penite, Deusta
Penite, Edward
Penite, Francis
Penite, John
Penite, Joseph
Penite, Josephine
Penite, Leander
Penite, Louisa
Penite, Thomas
Plude, Angus
Plude, Artemise
Plude, Jos.
Plude, Joseph
Pottvin, Breneau
Pratt, Danl.
Pratt, Danl.
Priestley, Geo.
Quigley, Jerusha
Quigley, Michael
Quigley, Michael T.
Quigley, William H.
Racheau, Jos.
Racheau, Sophie
Randall, Ezra
Robbins, Ellen
Robbins, Hattie A.
Robbins, Jacob
Robbins, Lucind
Robichaud, Anselme
Robichaud, Bazilais
Robichaud, Elcie
Robichaud, Jos.
Robichaud, Jos.
Robichaud, Joseph
Robichaud, Matilda
Robichaud, Solomon
Romain, Baptiste
Romain, Clarisse
Romain, Geo.
Romain, George
Romain, Mary
Romain, Morilles
Rowe, Robt.
Rowney, Alvoilda
Rowney, David
Rowney, John
Rowney, Lousia
Rowney, Mary
Rowney, Mary
Rowney, Thos.
Ruggles, Jos.
Savage, Eugene L.
Savage, Robert
Savage, Sophia
Sears, Amanda
Sears, Ella
Sears, Hiram
Sears, Levi
Seely, Geo.
Simmons, John R.
Simmons, Mary
Simmons, Mary
Simmons, Zebedee
Sinclair, Archie
Sirois, Jos.
Smith, Cyprian
Smith, Edward
Smith, Ellen
Smith, John
Sontag, Demrise
Sontag, Ellen
Sontag, Mary
Sontag, Peter
Soucier, Antoine
Soucier, Jeremy
Soucier, Mary
Soucier, Oliver
Soucier, Pascal
Soucier, Peter
Soucier, Rosalie
Soucier, Rosalie
Soucier, Talie
Soucier, Tazie
Soucier, Virginia
Squirrel, Geo.
Squirrel, George
Squirrel, Jos.
Squirrel, Mary
Squirrel, Merciline
Squirrel, Merciline
Squirrel, Philimon
Squirrel, Tazie
St.Thomas, Francis
St.Thomas, Francis
St.Thomas, Mary
St.Thomas, Theodore
St.Thomas, Zebulan
Stevens, Cyntha
Stevens, Deborah
Stevens, Frank
Stevens, Saml.
Sullivan, Wm.
Sweezey, Aaron
Sweezey, Aaron
Sweezey, Archibald
Sweezey, Elizabeth
Sweezey, George
Sweezey, Jane
Sweezey, John
Sweezey, Mary J.
Sweezey, Reuben
Thibadeau, Alvin W.
Thibadeau, Anna E.
Thibadeau, Elizabeth
Thibadeau, Thos.
Turner, Alice B.
Turner, Harriett E.
Turner, Harry B.
Turner, Herbert E.
Turner, John L.
Turner, Wellington
Vassieur, Antoinette
Vassieur, Antoinette
Vassieur, LeRose
Vassieur, Mary
Vassieur, Thos.
Vassieur, Thos.
Vassieur, Virginia
Villeancourt, Alfred
Villeancourt, Anna
Villeancourt, Antoine
Villeancourt, Antoine
Villeancourt, Dumas
Villeancourt, Esther
Villeancourt, Gillie
Villeancourt, J.B.
Villeancourt, Jere.
Villeancourt, Jere.
Villeancourt, Jeremiah
Villeancourt, John
Villeancourt, Jos.
Villeancourt, Joseph
Villeancourt, Larise
Villeancourt, Mary
Villeancourt, Mercelie
Villeancourt, Peter
Villeancourt, Sophie
Villeancourt, William
Violette, Catharine
Violette, Eliza
Violette, Elizabeth
Violette, Flavie
Violette, Modeste
Violette, Richard
Violette, Simon
Violette, Sophie
Ward, Benj.
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary
Wasson, Bartlett
West, Henry N.
West, Sarah A.
White, Alice
White, Catharine
White, Edward
White, James
White, Jane
White, Jane
White, John
White, Jos.
White, Julia
White, Julie
White, Julie
White, Margaret
White, Pat.
Wildes, Alfred
Wildes, Amos
Wildes, Charles
Wildes, Elizabeth
Wildes, George
Wildes, Israel
Wildes, Israel
Wildes, Jos.
Wildes, Joseph
Wildes, Joseph
Wildes, Rebecca
Wildes, Sarah
Yarrington, Catharine
Yarrington, Catharine
Yarrington, Elcie
Yarrington, Isaac
Yarrington, Mary
Yarrington, Mary
Yarrington, Midie
Yarrington, Nomi

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