Name Index of the 1860 US Census

Grand Isle Plantation (pp.402-415)

(now Grand Isle)

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This index is in the format LastName, Firstname. Spellings are exactly as written in the original transcription.
This page includes only names listed in Van Buren Plantation.

For a name index of all the Upper St.John River Valley communities transcribed on this site, go to the Name Index of the 1860 US Census of the Upper St.John River Valley communities.

For information on misspelled French names be sure to check out my page on French names in the 1860 census of Aroostook County.

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Beaulieu (all spellings grouped together)
Beaulieau, Alexy
Beulieu, Baptiste
Beulieu, Edward
Beaulieau, Elway
Beulieu, Joseph
Beulieu, Lena
Beulieu, Mary
Beaulieau, Solomon
Beaulieau, Urbain
Chassé see Chassie, Shassie
Chassie, Henry
Coathy, Xavier
Comir, Denis
Comir, Ephraim
Comir, Flerent
Comir, John
Comir, Leonore
Comir, Louis
Comir, Paul
Comir, Tarsie
Corbin, Damus
Corbin, Fearah
Corbin, Laurent
Corbin, Locade
Corbin, Margaret
Corbin, Sebant
Corbin, Tarsie
Corbin, Vervile
Cormier see also Comir
Cormier, Cristy
Cormier, Emay
Cormier, Flerante
Cormier, Gregware
Cormier, Joseph
Cormier, Josette
Cormier, Margaret
Cormier, Mary
Cormier, Modeste
Cormier, Octave
Cormier, Solomon
Cormier, Sophia
Cormier, Sophia
Cormier, Vital
Cormier, Yourbain
Coron, Joseph
Coron, Leonore
Cyr, Alexy
Cyr, Dennis
Cyr, Elenore
Cyr, Elway
Cyr, Emey
Cyr, Felemon
Cyr, Fermin
Cyr, Jerry
Cyr, John
Cyr, Judie
Cyr, Margaret
Cyr, Metiet
Cyr, Modeste
Cyr, Modeste
Cyr, Paul
Cyr, Pauline
Cyr, Remi
Cyr, Salomy
Cyr, Sophia
Cyr, Tascear
Cyr, Virginy
Cyr, Xavier
Cyr, Zete
Daigle, Christy
Daigle, Emily
Daigle, Femmie
Daigle, Lesime
Daigle, Solomon
Daigle, Sophia
Daley, John
Deshane, Augustine
Deshane, Cristy
Deshane, Elizabeth
Deshane, Fleurent
Deshane, Francis
Deshane, Habril
Deshane, Hannah
Deshane, James
Deshane, Leonore
Deshane, Lodie
Deshane, Marciline
Deshane, Margaret
Deshane, Margaret
Deshane, Octave
Deshane, Oliver
Deshane, Paul
Deshane, Sophia
Deshane, Sophia
Deshane, Talie
Deshane, Tarsiel
Deshane, Thomas
Douset, Calasty
Douset, Elizabeth
Douset, Ezeme
Douset, Fermin
Douset, Francis
Douset, Juley
Douset, Maxime
Douset, Octave
Douset, Prime
Douset, Remain
Douset, Tarzie
Douset, Thadeus
Douset, Victoria
Douset, Vital
Douset, Zete
Dousette, Angelic
Dousette, Denis
Dousette, Elway
Dousette, Felonise
Dousette, Firmin
Dousette, Laurence
Dousette, Margaret
Dousette, Talie
Dousette, Tarsie
Dousitte, Demris
Dousitte, Dumes
Dousitte, James
Dousitte, Jerome
Dousitte, Laurent
Dousitte, Louis
Dousitte, Octave
Dousitte, Zoway
Dumond, Andrew
Dumond, Catherine
Dumond, Emily
Dumond, Femme
Dumond, Fleurence
Dumond, John
Dumond, Joseph
Dumond, Joseph
Dumond, Juley
Dumond, Leset
Dumond, Martha
Dumond, Mary
Dumond, Maxime
Dumond, Modeste
Dumond, Sophia
Dumond, Vital
Dumond, Zaley
Franchair, Josette
Grenway, Alexy
Grenway, Belony
Grenway, Dennis
Grenway, Elizabeth
Grenway, Hilair
Grenway, Martine
Grenway, Martine
Grenway, Mary
Grenway, Paul
Grenway, Remo
Grenway, Samuel
Grenway, Sandy
Grenway, Sophia
Grivois-Guédry see Grenway, Jedry
Grivois-Guédry, Alexis, as Grenway, Alexy
Grivois-Guédry, Ansèlme, as Grenway, Samuel
Grivois-Guédry, Béloni, as Grenway, Belony
Grivois-Guédry, Denis, as Jedry, Denis
Grivois-Guédry, Denis, as Grenway, Dennis
Grivois-Guédry, Élisabeth, as Grenway, Elizabeth
Grivois-Guédry, Hilaire, as Grenway, Hilair
Grivois-Guédry, Joseph, as Jedry, Joseph
Grivois-Guédry, Marcel, as Jedry, Marcel
Grivois-Guédry, Marie, as Grenway, Mary
Grivois-Guédry, Martine, as Grenway, Martine
Grivois-Guédry, Martine, as Grenway, Martine
Grivois-Guédry, Paul, as Grenway, Paul
Grivois-Guédry, Rémi, as Grenway, Remo
Grivois-Guédry, Sophie, as Grenway, Sophia
Grivois-Guédry, Thècle, as Jedry, Latick
Grivois-Guédry, Xavier, as Grenway, Sandy
Guédry see Grivois-Guédry
Jedry, Denis
Jedry, Joseph
Jedry, Latick
Jedry, Marcel
Labreck, Catherine
Labreck, David
Labreck, Elizabeth
Labreck, John
Labreck, Joseph
Labreck, Joseph
Labreck, Margaret
Labreck, Martha
Labrie, Alexy
Labrie, Angel
Labrie, Denis
Labrie, Flevy
Labrie, Louis
Labrie, Mary
Labrie, Philamen
Labrie, Susan
Labrie, Venerand
Landry, Marsaline
Lasie, Damus
Lasie, Elizabeth
Lasie, Flevy
Lasie, George
Lasie, Joseph
Lasie, Louis
Lasie, Solomon
Lauzier-Roy see Lasie
Lavassair, Cyril
Lavassair, Elizabeth
Lavassair, Femme
Lavassair, Fermin
Lavassair, Flelrante

Lavassair, Flevy
Lavassair, Frederic
Lavassair, John B.
Lavassair, Juley
Lavassair, Leonie
Lavassair, Margaret
Lavassair, Mary
Lavassair, Mary
Lavassair, Mary
Lavassair, Mary Anne
Lavassair, Maxite
Lavassair, Paul
Lavassair, Remi
Lavassair, Zete
Lavoi, Edward
Lavoi, Joseph
Lavoi, Laurence
Lavoi, Mary
Lavoi, Mary Anne
Lavoi, Sophia
Lavoi, Thomas
Lavoi, Xavier
Leveque, Aime
Leveque, Andrew
Leveque, Damus
Leveque, Emily
Leveque, Fabian
Leveque, Ferdinand
Leveque, Hilair
Leveque, Hilair
Leveque, Hilair
Leveque, James
Leveque, Joseph
Leveque, Leonore
Leveque, Lisa
Leveque, Mack
Leveque, Margaret
Leveque, Mary
Leveque, Mary
Leveque, Maxite
Leveque, Octave
Leveque, Octave
Leveque, Philomen
Leveque, Segond
Leveque, Sophia
Leveque, Sophia
Leveque, Sophia
Leveque, Susan
Leveque, Taunes
Leveque, Thomas
Leveque, Thomas
Leveque, William
Levick, Margaret
Lezotte, Bonaventure
Lezotte, Flerent
Lezotte, Joseph
Lezotte, Juley
Lezotte, Margaret
Lezotte, Mary Anne
Lezotte, Placey
Lezotte, Tarsie
Lezotte, Vital
Lizotte, Dandont
Lizotte, Elway
Lizotte, Joseph
Lizotte, Joseph
Lizotte, Lusannpeter
Lizotte, Margaret
Lizotte, Olive
Lizotte, Peter
Lizotte, Philamen
Lizotte, Remi
Lizotte, Tarsie
Martin, Damus
Martin, Edit
Martin, Ellen
Martin, Flevy
Martin, Flevy
Martin, Izadore
Martin, John
Martin, Leo
Martin, Lesa
Martin, Locade
Martin, Lodie
Martin, Margaret
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary
Martin, Michell
Martin, Remo
Martin, Severine
Martin, Severine
Martin, Vital
Michaud, Cristy
Michaud, Eubare
Michaud, Felomen
Michaud, Jerry
Michaud, Joseph
Michaud, Juley
Michaud, Juley
Michaud, Louis
Michaud, Mary
Michaud, Sophia
Michaud, Susan
Michaud, Susan
Michaud, Tarsie
Michaud, Urbain
Morneau, see Murno
Murno, Andrew
Murno, Charles
Murno, Charles
Murno, Flevy
Murno, Peter
Paradis, Ellen
Paradis, Ephraim
Paradis, Mary
Paradis, Pauline
Paradis, Remi
Paradis, Simese
Paradis, Virginia
Parent, Andrew
Parent, Cristy
Parent, Elizabeth
Parent, Fabian
Parent, Joseph
Parent, Mary
Parent, Solomon
Peltier, Augustine
Peltier, Margaret
Peltier, Salomy
Pluard, Dalfons
Pluard, Henrettie
Pluard, Liset
Pluard, Locady
Pluard, Mary
Pluard, Michael
Pluard, Remi
Pluard, Remi
Rivers, Angel
Rivers, David
Rivers, Edite
Rivers, Jenny
Rivers, Larent
Rivers, Laurence
Rivers, Lodey
Rivers, Marice
Rivers, Mary
Rivers, Peyon
Rivers, Placy
Rivers, Sophia
Rivers, Zeben
Roy-Lauzier, Damase, as Lasie, Damus
Roy-Lauzier, Élizabeth, as Lasie, Elizabeth
Roy-Lauzier, Flavie, as Lasie, Flevy
Roy-Lauzier, Georges, as Lasie, George
Roy-Lauzier, Joseph, as Lasie, Joseph
Roy-Lauzier, Louis, as Lasie, Louis
Roy-Lauzier, Solomon, as Lasie, Solomon
Sansfaçon, see Saunfesan
Saunfesan, Calesty
Saunfesan, Cetey
Saunfesan, Demrise
Saunfeson, Deriman
Saunfesan, Flerant
Saunfesan, Juley
Saunfesan, Remo
Saunfesan, Rosimo
Saunfesan, Sophia
Shassie, Abraham
Shassie, Elizabeth
Shassie, Henry
Shassie, Joseph
Shassie, Louis
Shassie, Lucy
Shassie, Mary
Shassie, Modeste
Shassie, Paul
Simon, Andrew
Simon, Demrise
Simon, Edward
Simon, John
Simon, Virgini
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Ufrsine
Soucy, Alexis, as Suceece, Alexy
Souci, Baptist
Soucy, Baptiste, as Suceece, Baptist
Souci, Cristy
Souci, Edidth
Soucy, Édith, as Suceece, Edite
Souci, Elway
Souci, Elway
Souci, Flerance
Souci, Flevy
Souci, John
Souci, Juley
Souci, Laiose
Souci, Louis
Souci, Magdellen
Souci, Mary
Souci, Mary
Soucy, Paul, as Suceece, Paul
Souci, Remon
Soucy, Xavier, as Suceece, Xavier
Souci, Zaney
St.Peter, Frens
Suceece, Alexy
Suceece, Baptist
Suceece, Edite
Suceece, Paul
Suceece, Xavier
Suci, Cyril
Suci, Edidth
Suci, Lodi
Suci, Modeste
Suci, Talie
Suci, Zete
Thériault (all spellings grouped together)
Thériault, Cyrille, as Suci, Cyril
Tarrio, Denis
Tarriault, Dennis
Tarriault, Ebare
Tarriault, Eben
Thériault, Édith, as Suci, Edidth
Tarrio, Elizabeth
Thériault, Élodie, as Suci, Lodi
Tarriault, Eubare
Tarriault, Flerante
Tarrio, Fredesse
Tarriault, Henry
Tarrio, Henry
Tarriault, Isadore
Tarriault, Juley
Tarriault, Juley
Tarrio, Juley
Tarrio, Juley
Tarriault, Madest
Tarrio, Margaret
Tarrio, Margaret
Thériault, Modeste, as Suci, Modeste
Thériault, Nathalie, as Suci, Talie
Thériault, Osithe, as Suci, Zete
Tarriault, Paul
Tarriault, Paul
Tarriault, Remi
Tarriault, Salomy
Tarrio, Severan
Tarriault, Sophia
Tarrio, Sophia
Tarrio, Sophia
Tarriault, Susan
Tarriault, Telesfore
Tarriault, Thadeus
Tarriault, V.
Tarrio, Xavier
Tarriault, Zete
Thibodeau (all spellings grouped together)
Thibodo, Alexy
Thibodeau, Alfred
Thibodeau, Amable
Thibodo, Babby
Thibodeau, Baptist
Thibodeau, Baptiste
Thibodeau, Baptiste
Thibodo, Belony
Thibodo, Benjamin
Thibodo, Benjamin
Thibodoe, Calasty
Thibodo, Cleofant
Thibodeau, Cyril
Thibodeau, Delane
Thibodeau, Delina
Thibodo, Delina
Thibdeau, Demrise
Thibodeau, Demrise
Thibodeau, Dennis
Thibodeau, Dennis
Thibodeau, Dodule
Thibodeau, Edidth
Thibodeau, Edite
Thibodeau, Elizabeth
Thibodo, Emily
Thibodo, Eubare
Thibodeau, Febrance
Thibodeau, Felans
Thibodeau, Felemon
Thibodo, Felomen
Thibodeau, Felonise
Thibodeau, Femme
Thibodo, Femme
Thibdeau, Flevy
Thibodeau, Flevy
Thibodeau, Flevy
Thibodeau, Flevy
Thibodo, Flevy
Thibodo, Flurante
Thibodeau, Francis
Thibodo, Frederick
Thibodo, Genvieve
Thibodeau, John B.
Thibodo, Joseph
Thibodeau, Juley
Thibodeau, Juley
Thibodo, Juley
Thibodoe, Julia
Thibodeau, Lacady
Thibodeau, Lasway
Thibodeau, Laurence
Thibodeau, Leonore
Thibodo, Leonore
Thibodeau, Levit
Thibdeau, Lucy
Thibodo, Madlen
Thibodeau, Magdellen
Thibdeau, Marcel
Thibodeau, Margaret
Thibodeau, Margaret
Thibodeau, Margaret
Thibdeau, Martha
Thibodeau, Mary
Thibodeau, Mary Ann
Thibodeau, Mary Anne
Thibodo, Michael
Thibodo, Octave
Thibodeau, Osime
Thibodeau, Paul
Thibodeau, Paul
Thibodeau, Paul
Thibodo, Paul
Thibodo, Pea
Thibodeau, Re
Thibodeau, Regeste
Thibodo, Regeste
Thibodo, Remi
Thibdeau, Remah
Thibodeau, Remond
Thibodeau, Severine
Thibodeau, Severine
Thibodeau, Sophia
Thibodo, Susan
Thibodo, Susan
Thibodeau, Taline
Thibodoe, Thomas
Thibodeau, Venan
Thibodeau, Vital
Thibodeau, Zaley
Thibodo, Zity
Vassair, Dena
Vassair, Dennis
Vassair, Elexy
Vassair, Flerance
Vassair, Joseph
Vassair, Lodie
Vassair, Maxime
Vassair, Paulete
Vassair, Sophia
Vassair, Xsause
Violette, Alfred
Violette, Christy
Violette, Elizabeth
Violette, Femme
Violette, Fermin
Violette, Justine
Violette, Lest
Violette, Madin
Violette, Martha
Violette, Mary
Violette, Modeste
Violette, Nancy
Violette, Pauline
Violette, Pauline
Violette, Regeste
Violette, Saveran
Violette, Sophia
Violette, Sophia
Violette, Xavier

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