Name Index of the 1860 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County

Names: R

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Racheau, Jos.
Racheau, Sophie
Ramsey, Benj.
Ramsey, Charles
Ramsey, Edward
Ramsey, Elizabeth
Ramsey, Georgiana
Ramsey, Jane
Ramsey, Levi
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, Masgard
Ramsey, Ruth
Ramsey, Stephen
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, Wm.
Randall, Ezra
Raymond, see Remo, Rimon, Romain
Remo, Alexy
Remo, Angelic
Remo, Christy
Remo, Francis
Remo, John
Remo, John B.
Remo, Lucy
Remo, Mary
Remo, Michael
Remo, Nancy
Remo, Susan
Remo, Vincent
Richards, A.S.
Richards, Agnes
Richards, Caroline
Richards, Frances E.
Richards, George W.
Richards, Jane
Richards, Mary
Richards, Mary A.
Richards, Thomas
Richeau, Bear
Richeau, Caroline
Richeau, Dorimine
Richeau, George
Richeau, Louis
Richins, Ceress
Richins, John
Rimon, Anthony
Rimon, Anthony
Rimon, Fred.
Rimon, Philimon
Rivest, see Rivers
Rivers, Angel
Rivers, David
Rivers, Edite
Rivers, Jenny
Rivers, Larent
Rivers, Laurence
Rivers, Lodey
Rivers, Marice
Rivers, Mary
Rivers, Peyon
Rivers, Placy
Rivers, Sophia
Rivers, Zeben
Robbins, Ellen
Robbins, Hattie A.
Robbins, Jacob
Robbins, Lucind
Robichaud, Anselme
Robichaud, Bazilais
Robichaud, Bazilais
Robichaud, Elcie
Robichaud, Elizabeth
Robichaud, Elizbeth
Robichaud, Flave
Robichaud, Jos.
Robichaud, Jos.
Robichaud, Joseph
Robichaud, Matilda
Robichaud, Solomon
Romain, Adelaide
Romain, Baptiste
Romain, Christie
Romain, Clarisse
Romain, Clarisse
Romain, Delina
Romain, Designe
Romain, Dusite
Romain, Francis
Romain, Fred
Romain, Geo.
Romain, George
Romain, Gilbert
Romain, John
Romain, John
Romain, Joseph
Romain, Josephine
Romain, Mary
Romain, Mary
Romain, Morilles
Romain, Prudun
Romain, Saviur
Romain, Seline
Rossignol, see Rosinal
Rosinal, Artimais
Rosinal, Chas.
Rosinal, Clarisse
Rosinal, Clementine
Rosinal, Deustine
Rosinal, Eleazer
Rosinal, Eliza
Rosinal, Ermine
Rosinal, Ermine
Rosinal, Francis
Rosinal, Francis
Rosinal, Francis
Rosinal, Harriett
Rosinal, Joseph
Rosinal, Mary
Rosinal, Mary
Rosinal, Michel
Rosinal, Nerbert
Rosinal, Octave
Rosinal, Pontiff
Rosinal, Sovereign
Rosinal, Sovreign
Rosinal, William
Rowe, Robt.
Rowney, Alvoilda
Rowney, David
Rowney, John
Rowney, Lousia
Rowney, Mary
Rowney, Mary
Rowney, Thos.
Roy, see King. See also Ouissin (Voisine); Desjardins; Lougie (Lauzier)
Roy-Desjardins, Ansèlme, as Peltier, Saml.
Roy-Desjardins, Frédéric., as Peltier, Fred.
Roy-Desjardins, Honoré, as Peltier, Henry
Roy-Desjardins, Joseph, as Peltier, Joseph
Roy-Desjardins, Napoléon, as Peltier, Napoleon
Roy-Lauzier, Damase, as Lasie, Damus
Roy-Lauzier, Élizabeth, as Lasie, Elizabeth
Roy-Lauzier, Flavie, as Lasie, Flevy
Roy-Lauzier, Georges, as Lasie, George
Roy-Lauzier, Joseph, as Lasie, Joseph
Roy-Lauzier, Louis, as Lasie, Louis
Roy-Lauzier, Solomon, as Lasie, Solomon
Ruest/Ruais, Anastasie, as Elui, Tazie
Ruest/Ruais, André, as Elui, Andrew
Ruest/Ruais, Jean-Baptiste, as Elui, Baptiste
Ruest/Ruais, Joseph, as Elui, Joseph
Ruest/Ruais, Joseph, as Elui, Joseph
Ruest/Ruais, Sophie, as Elui, Sophie
Ruest/Ruais, Suzanne, as Elui, Susan
Ruggles, Jos.
Runnels, John
Russel, Ann
Russell, Ann
Russell, Ellen
Russell, Mary
Russell, Saml.
Russell, Warren

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