Name Index of the 1860 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County

Names: E-F

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Eaton, Edward
Egan, Ellen
Egan, Richd.
Elliot, Jos.
Elui, Andrew
Elui, Baptiste
Elui, Joseph
Elui, Joseph
Elui, Sophie
Elui, Susan
Elui, Tazie
Emery, Ann
Emery, Artimese
Emery, Charles
Emery, Christie
Emery, Daniel
Emery, David
Emery, David
Emery, Elizabeth
Emery, Ellen
Emery, Martha
Emery, Mary
Emery, Miles
Emery, Miles
Emery, Raphael
Emery, Saphia
Emery, Sophie
Emery, Susan
Emery, Susan
Emery, William
Émond, Augustin, as Amour, Eusta
Émond, Augustin, as Amour, Eusta
Émond, Béloni, as Amour, Beloni
Émond, "Elain", as Amour, Elain
Émond, Ferdinand, as Amour, Jos.
Émond, Flavie, as Amour, Flavie
Émond, Germain, as Amour, Jos.
Émond, Henriette, as Amour, Mary
Émond, Malvina, as Amour, Melvina
Émond, Philomène, as Amour, Flavie
Émond, Rosanna, as Amour, Rosanna
Émond, Rose, as Amour, Rose
Émond, Victoire, as Amour, Victoria
English, Delia
English, Delia
English, Delina
English, Georgiana
English, Larry
English, Mary
English, Modeste
English, Olive
English, Pascal
English, Pascal
English, Peter
English, Sophie
English, Victoria
Farrell, Agnes
Farrell, Alfred
Farrell, Alice
Farrell, Alice
Farrell, Caroline
Farrell, Catherine
Farrell, Charles
Farrell, Charles
Farrell, Charles
Farrell, Denis
Farrell, Emily
Farrell, Henry W.
Farrell, John B.
Farrell, John
Farrell, John C.
Farrell, Joseph E.
Farrell, Juley
Farrell, Juley
Farrell, Leonard
Farrell, Mary
Farrell, Mary T.
Farrell, Michael
Farrell, Michael
Farrell, Severine
Finn, Betsey
Finn, Ellen
Finn, Mary A.
Finn, Thomas
Finn, Thos.
Firtean, Andrew
Firteau, Baptiste
Firteau, Beloni
Firtean, Chas.
Firteau, Chas.
Firteau, Chas.
Firteau, Daniel
Firtean, David
Firtean, Edwd.
Firtean, Ficean
Firtean, Genvieve
Firteau, Joseph
Firteau, Lucy
Firteau, Magloire
Firteau, Matilda
Firtean, Merceline
Firtean, Moise
Firtean, Philip
Firteau, Sophie
Foley, Catharine
Foley, James
Foley, Joanna
Foley, John
Foley, John
Foley, Mary
Foley, Mary J.
Foley, William
Fongémie, see Forjime
Forjime, Abram
Forjime, Abram
Forjime, Angel
Forjime, Celia
Forjime, Delina
Forjime, Dinah
Forjime, Eustine
Forjime, Francis
Forjime, Francis
Forjime, Julie
Forjime, Mary
Forjime, Mary
Forjime, Nubert
Forjime, Octave
Forjime, Peter
Forjime, Peter
Forjime, Raphael
Forjime, Rosalie
Forjime, Thos.
Fornier, Catharine
Fornier, Marceline
Fornier, Mary
Fornier, Peter
Fornier, Peter
Fortin, see Firteau and Firtean
Fournier, Abraham
Fournier, Baptist
Fournier, Cyprian
Fournier, Deome
Fournier, Elenor
Fournier, Elizabesh
Fournier, Elvair
Fournier, Eubad
Fournier, Eveline
Fournier, Flerente
Fournier, John
Fournier, Juley
Fournier, Modeste
Fournier, Olive
Fournier, Onisime
Fournier, Silvester
Fournier, Vitaline
France, Hannah
France, Henry
France, Margaret
France, Peter
Franchair, Josette
Francur, Anthony
Frank, Joseph
Frank, Margaret
Frank, Mary
Fraser, Angus
Fraser, Baptiste
Fraser, Edwd.
Fraser, George
Fraser, Joseph
Fraser, Julie
Fraser, Mary
Fraser, Mary
Fraser, William
Freeman, John
Freeman, Olive
Freeman, Solomon
French, Fredk. F.

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