Name Index of the 1860 Census of Aroostook County, ME
Northern Aroostook County

Names: B

Names that appear like this are corrected versions of the names that appear in the census. The form that appears in the transcription itself follows, and appears like this. For example:

Langlois, Délina, as English, Delina

This person appears in the transcription itself as Delina English; the actual name of the person is Délina Langlois.

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Barney, Abram
Baron, see Boreau
Bartlett, Ada M.
Bartlett, Ann A.
Bartlett, Benj. S.
Bartlett, Caleb
Bartlett, Enoch
Bartlett, Frances L.
Bartlett, Georgiana
Bartlett, Harriett
Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, Nathan
Bartlett, Nathl.
Bartlett, Preston W.
Bartlett, Sophia
Bartlett, Susan M.
Baton, Baptiste
Beaulieu (all spellings grouped together), see also Boleau
Beaulieau, Alexy
Beaulieau, Alise
Beaulieu, Angèle, as Peltier, Angel
Beaulieau, Anthony
Bouleau, Baptist
Beaulieau, Baptist
Beulieu, Baptiste
Beaulieu, Bénoni, as Peltier, Benon
Beaulieau, Benway
Beaulieau, Bruno
Beaulieau, Caroline
Beaulieau, Christy
Beaulieau, Damus
Beaulieu, David
Beaulieau, Delotte
Beaulieau, Dodoul
Beaulieau, Edward
Beulieu, Edward
Beaulieu, Elexy
Beaulieau, Elizabeth
Beaulieu, Éloi, as Peltier, Elway
Beaulieau, Elway
Bouleau, Elway
Bouleau, Elway
Beaulieau, Eugene
Beaulieau, Febreny
Beaulieu, Femme
Beaulieau, Femmie
Beaulieau, Flevy
Beaulieu, Flevy
Bouleau, Flevy
Bouleau, Flevy
Beaulieau, Genvieve
Beaulieu, George
Beaulieau, George
Beaulieau, Hilair
Beaulieau, Isaac
Beaulieu, John
Beaulieau, Joseph
Beulieu, Joseph
Beaulieau, Laurent
Beulieu, Lena
Beaulieau, Locad
Beaulieu, Locade, as Peltier, Locad
Beaulieau, Magdellen
Beaulieau, Maguire
Beaulieau, Margaret
Beaulieu, Mary
Beaulieau, Mary
Beulieu, Mary
Beaulieu, Maxime
Beaulieu, Modeste
Beaulieau, Modeste
Beaulieau, Nancy
Beaulieu, Nazaire, as Peltier, Nazere
Beaulieau, Nazere
Beaulieau, Obeline
Beaulieu, Ozithée, as Peltier, Zete
Bouleau, Prudant
Beaulieu, Salomée, as Peltier, Salomy
Beaulieau, Salomy
Beaulieau, Simon
Beaulieau, Solomon
Bouleau, Solomon
Beaulieu, Sophie, as Peltier, Sophia
Bouleau, Sophia
Beaulieu, Suzanne, as Peltier, Susan
Beaulieau, Talie
Beaulieau, Tasie
Beaulieau, Thomas
Beaulieau, Thomas
Beaulieau, Urbain
Beaulieau, Venent
Beaulieu, Vital, as Peltier, Vital
Beaulieu, Vitaline, as Peltier, Vetaline
Beaulieau, William
Bell, Andrew, Jr.
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Anthony
Bell, Augustine
Bell, Augustus
Bell, Baptiste
Bell, Catherine
Bell, Emily
Bell, Henry
Bell, Joseph
Bell, Joseph
Bell, Julesfafore
Bell, Larose
Bell, Mary
Bell, Paul
Bell, Philanese
Bell, Philip
Bell, Serah
Bell, Sophia
Bell, Telesfore, Jr.
Bell, Tharesa
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Vencent
Bell, Vencent
Bell, Xavier
Bellfleur, Armine
Bellfleur, Louis
Bellfleur, Margaret
Bellfleur, Margaret
Bellfleur, Maxime
Bellfleur, Vital
Bellfleur, Xavier
Belonge, Demotile
Belonge, Eliza
Belonge, Francis
Belonge, Francis
Belonge, Joseph
Belongir, Angeline
Belongir, Archie
Belongir, Edward
Belongir, Joseph
Belongir, Louis
Belongir, Marceline
Belongir, Sera
Berneche, see Burnaus
Bernier, Cleophia
Bernier, Elizabeth
Bernier, Leonore
Bernier, Mary
Bernier, Odule
Bernier, Sophia
Berraby, Augustine
Berraby, Cyprian
Berraby, Damus
Berraby, Duramus
Berraby, Etienne
Berraby, Etienne
Berraby, Henrietta
Berraby, Henry
Berraby, Joseph
Berraby, Junuff
Berraby, Locade
Berraby, Lucy
Berraby, Martin
Berraby, Mary
Berraby, Nancy
Berraby, Remi
Berraby, Vervile
Bérubé, see also Burabie, Berraby
Bérubé, Damase, as Berraby, Damus
Bérubé, "Duramus", as Berraby, Duramus
Bérubé, Étienne, as Berraby, Etienne
Bérubé, Étienne, as Berraby, Etienne
Bérubé, Joseph, as Berraby, Joseph
Bérubé, Locade, as Berraby, Locade
Bérubé, Mathilde Martine, as Berraby, Martin
Bérubé, "Nancy", as Berraby, Nancy
Bérubé, Rémi, as Berraby, Remi
Betts, Elizabeth
Betts, Epm.
Betts, Margaret
Betts, Mary
Betts, Mathilda
Betts, Sophia
Beveriage, Adam J.
Bishop, Francis
Bishop, Stephen
Boiles, John
Bois, see Boye, Wood
Boleau, Celeste
Boleau, Eli
Boleau, Eliza
Boleau, Felix
Boleau, Jere.
Boleau, Julie
Boleau, Lydia
Boleau, Mary
Boleau, Pascal
Boleau, Richd.
Boleau, Rose
Bolton, Alvin
Bolton, Gilman
Bolton, James
Bolton, Saml.
Bonfan, Fabur
Bonfan, Mary
Bonfan, Olive
Bonifan, Fabur
Boreau, Chas.
Boreau, Francis
Boreau, Francis
Boreau, Joseph
Boreau, Martha
Boreau, Olive
Boreau, Romain
Boreau, Romain
Boreau, Zite
Bosse, Angus
Bosse, Annri
Bosse, Annri
Bosse, Baptiste
Bosse, Celeste
Bosse, Clifford
Bosse, Demrise
Bosse, Elexee
Bosse, Francis
Bosse, George
Bosse, Henriett
Bosse, Henry
Bosse, Joseph
Bosse, Joseph
Bosse, Joseph
Bosse, Leontine
Bosse, Magdaline
Bosse, Martha
Bosse, Mary
Bosse, Orville
Bosse, Selima
Bouchard, see Buchaud, Bushaud
Boucher, see Bushy
Boulé, see Bullie
Boucher, Anselme, as Bushaud, Anselme
Boucher, Henriette, as Bushaud, Harriett
Boucher, Simon, as Bushaud, Simon
Bourgoin, see Burgoine
Boutotte, Annri
Boutotte, Baptiste
Boutotte, Dessant
Boutotte, Dessant
Boutotte, Francis
Boutotte, Geo.
Boutotte, Hanriett
Boutotte, Harriett
Boutotte, Joseph
Boutotte, Mary
Boutotte, Sophie
Boye, Adeline
Boye, Demrise
Boye, La Rose
Boye, William
Brackett, Geo.
Bran, Charles
Bran, Charles
Bran, Collis
Bran, Larisa
Bran, Mary A.
Bran, Reuben
Bran, Rosanna
Bran, Roxana
Brausfield, John
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ellen
Brown, John
Brown, Jos.
Brown, Mary
Brown, William
Brown, Wm.
Buchaud, Abram
Buchaud, Abram
Buchaud, Abram
Buchaud, Alexander
Buchaud, Alvina
Buchaud, Angel
Buchaud, Annri
Buchaud, Annri
Buchaud, Baptiste
Buchaud, Baptiste
Buchaud, Beloni
Buchaud, Charlotte
Buchaud, Chas.
Buchaud, Chas.
Buchaud, Chas.
Buchaud, Clarissa
Buchaud, Clarisse
Buchaud, Demrise
Buchaud, Didime
Buchaud, Dorimine
Buchaud, Elias
Buchaud, Eveline
Buchaud, Francis
Buchaud, Francis
Buchaud, Francis
Buchaud, Israel
Buchaud, Israel
Buchaud, Israel
Buchaud, Jere.
Buchaud, Joseph
Buchaud, Joseph
Buchaud, Joseph
Buchaud, Leon
Buchaud, Lucy
Buchaud, Marceline
Buchaud, Marceline
Buchaud, Mary
Buchaud, Mary
Buchaud, Mary
Buchaud, Matilda
Buchaud, Matthew
Buchaud, Metiade
Buchaud, Midie
Buchaud, Milisse
Buchaud, Mitiade
Buchaud, Nerbert
Buchaud, Nerbert
Buchaud, Pafie
Buchaud, Pafie
Buchaud, Peter
Buchaud, Peter
Buchaud, Peter
Buchaud, Sophie
Buchaud, St.John
Buchaud, Stephen
Buchaud, Tatin
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Tazie
Buchaud, Thos.
Buchaud, Vital
Buchaud, Vital
Buchaud, William
Buchaud, William
Buchaud, Zavier
Buchaud, Zavier
Buchaud, Zite
Bullie, Angus
Bullie, Clarisse
Bullie, Cyril
Bullie, Eugene
Bullie, Joseph
Bullie, Julie
Bulie, Margaret
Bullie, Margaret
Bullie, Philimon
Bulie, Philimon
Bullie, Sophie
Bullie, Twin
Bullie, Zite
Burabie, Adolphus
Burabie, Ariel
Burabie, Charles
Burabie, Chas.
Burebie, Clarisse
Burabie, Constance
Burabie, Deusta
Burabie, France
Burabie, Francis
Burabie, Francis
Burabie, Isaac
Burabie, James
Burabie, Josephine
Burabie, Mary
Burebie, Melie
Burebie, Peter
Burebie, Peter
Burabie, Sasone
Burabie, Thomas
Burabis, Peter
Burgoine, Adilie
Burgoyne, Baptiste
Burgoine, Beatrice
Burgoyne, Belony
Burgoine, Benj.
Burgoine, Benj.
Burgoine, Celine
Burgoyne, Christine
Burgoyne, Christy
Burgoyne, Cristy
Burgoine, Dan'l
Burgoine, Edith
Burgoine, Femie
Burgoine, Firmin
Burgoyne, Flerant
Burgoine, George
Burgoyne, Hilair
Burgoyne, Honori
Burgoyne, John
Burgoine, Joseph
Burgoine, Julie
Burgoine, Lettic
Burgoyne, Margaret
Burgoyne, Mary
Burgoine, Mary
Burgoine, Mary A.
Burgoine, Mary A.
Burgoine, Melvina
Burgoyne, Michael
Burgoine, Millie
Burgoyne, Nancy
Burgoine, Orrick
Burgoyne, Ovid
Burgoyne, Paul
Burgoyne, Peggy
Burgoine, Peter
Burgoine, Raphael
Burgoyne, Salomy
Burgoyne, Septinah
Burgoyne, Sophia
Burgoyne, Sophia
Burgoine, Tazie
Burgoine, Tazie
Burgoine, Tazie
Burgoine, Thos.
Burgoine, Victoria
Burgoine, William
Burgoine, Zavier
Burgoine, Zite
Burgoine, Zite
Burnaus, Chas.
Burnaus, Elias
Burnaus, Eliza
Burnaus, Eliza
Burnaus, Nicholas
Bushaud, Anselme
Bushaud, Cully
Bushaud, Harriett
Bushaud, Jule
Bushaud, Mary
Bushaud, Mary
Bushaud, Nicholas
Bushaud, Simon
Bushy, Ansolme
Bushy, Denied
Bushy, Femmie
Bushy, Gasper
Bushy, Hannah
Bushy, Isaise
Bushy, Joseph
Bushy, Joseph
Bushy, Joseph
Bushy, Juley
Bushy, Leonore
Bushy, Remi
Butotte, Amora
Butotte, Archibald
Butotte, Feran
Butotte, Feran
Butotte, Mary
Butotte, Mary
Butotte, Peter
Butotte, Talie

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